July 2021

30th July 2021
A motorist driving down a busy road on an English single carriageway

UK adults drive round the world 11 times in a lifetime

How many motoring miles do you reckon you’ve stacked up so far? New research shows British adults will drive as many as 285,012 miles in their […]
28th July 2021
Someone receiving a scam message on their smart phone

DVLA warns drivers to avoid becoming ‘next target’ of scam messages

Do you know the warning signs to avoid being scammed? With car scams on the rise, the DVLA has issued a new warning to prevent drivers […]
22nd July 2021
Someone pushing the start engine button on a car dashboard

Drivers urged to ‘stay one step ahead of criminals’ as keyless car thefts rise

Is your car keyless? Vehicles with this technology now make up nearly half of car thefts, despite accounting for just 1% of vehicles on the road. […]
20th July 2021
A DVLA driving licence application form

Motorists hit by DVLA driving licence delays

Need a new driving licence? Depending on your situation, it seems you might be faced with a wait of 10 weeks or more.  Paper licence hold-ups […]
15th July 2021
Speeding offences increase despite fewer cars on road

‘Shocking’ levels of speeding in 2020 despite traffic levels dropping

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your driving habits? It seems some drivers “dangerously took advantage of quieter roads” last year, as the number of those exceeding […]
13th July 2021
A Low Traffic Neighbourhood in London

Low traffic neighbourhoods make millions in fines in a year

How well do you know your road signs? With drivers being fined millions for entering low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) due to confusion about signs, it might […]
9th July 2021
A line of cars parked outside

Cars spend most of the time parked – but are too big for garages

How often are you actually behind the wheel of your car? It seems cars and vans in England are driven a mere 4% of the time […]
7th July 2021
A GB sticker on a car.

GB car sticker makes way for new ‘UK’ version

Used to displaying a GB sticker on your car when travelling abroad? It seems you’ll have to trade it in for a new ‘UK’ version if […]
1st July 2021
A garage being used as a workshop and storage room

Half of drivers ‘never park in their garage’

How often do you actually use your garage to park your car? It seems the majority of UK drivers who have one don’t at all, with […]
1st July 2021
Panoramic views of Giants Causeway on Causeway Coastal route

The best UK summer road trips

Keen to make your summer count? With international travel still fairly hit and miss, many are opting for certainty with their holiday plans this year. That’s […]