Diesel scrappage scheme to be introduced in the UK?

An influential MP has a plan for the diesel scrappage scheme

The diesel scrappage scheme has been in the news a heck of a lot lately. If you know what it’s all about, feel free to skip a couple of paragraphs.

But in case you’ve missed all the scrap-related diesel news, here’s the quickest of quick run-throughs:

Due to high levels of pollution in some of the UK’s busiest cities, there’s been a push for a diesel scrappage scheme to be introduced. This will allow diesel owners to scrap their vehicles for cash, at a better rate than most current vehicle scrappage offers. Then after getting rid of their diesel, the driver can purchase a newer, more environmentally friendly car.

See, what did we say? Quicker than quick!

Now here’s an update in the diesel scrappage-scheme saga.

A more targeted scheme
MP Neil Parish is the Chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, he’s expected to urge ministers to introduce a diesel scrappage scheme, but he believes it will only work if there’s a proper focus to it.

Mr Parish believes that a general scrappage scheme is not the answer, and that ministers should instead target “poorer households or those earning less than 60% of the median UK household income.”

Alongside this, Parish feels the scheme should focus only on pollution hot-spots across the country, as this targeted approach would be a smarter and more efficient use of Government money.

When he speaks to ministers, Parish is expected to summarise his focused approach by saying that “households should not just be able to trade in multiple diesel cars for a cash subsidy”.

Recent studies seem to show support for the diesel scrappage scheme across the British public, but the finer details of how the scheme would work need to be ironed out.

The Government is expected to publish their plans for clean air this month, so we may see these ironed out details very soon indeed.

Do you think a diesel scrappage scheme will have the desired impact? Let us know.

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  1. Roger Dicks says:

    I bought a diesel car because the government recommended it. Now they have changed their minds I am left out of pocket, since retiring I can not afford another car. What about the Busses and heavy lorries they pollute more than cars?

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