27th June 2016
If you're a UK motorist heading off abroad it's key to do your homework on the driving laws of the country you intend to drive in

The minefield of driving abroad

Just when you thought it was challenging enough driving on Britain’s roads, now holidaying motorists are being reminded to clue themselves up on European driving laws […]
17th June 2016
Flip flops can easily get stuck under or between your pedals when they slip off as you’re driving

Is it illegal to drive in flip flops?

Happy National Flip Flop Day! It’s the day when we kick off our shoes and show off our toes, while flip-flopping our way around the shops […]
16th June 2016
Which car is your dad

Which car is your dad?

They say you are what you eat, but surely it’s also true that you are what you drive? Ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday, the people […]
13th June 2016
Poll finds parents are letting their under age children behind the wheel of their car

Poll finds parents letting under-17s behind the wheel

If you’ve looked out on the roads lately and thought that all the new drivers seem to be getting younger and younger, shocking new research suggests […]
9th June 2016
Football fans driving to Euro 2016 in France are being urged to read up on driving laws before travelling

Footie fans – know the score on Euro 2016 French road rules

Jamie Vardy and Wayne Rooney may have to get round France’s defenders if England are to progress after the group stages in Euro 2016. But that […]
6th June 2016
Check out our top tips for driving to a festival

Top tips for driving to a festival

The festival season is upon us, and if you’re lucky enough to be heading off to an event this summer, we hope the weather is kind […]
1st June 2016
Driving in barefeet is legal providing you still have control of the pedals

Is it illegal to drive in bare feet?

You might not have noticed it. But summer has apologetically arrived… more with a whimper than with a bang. But for many of us, summer will […]