August 2022

31st August 2022

Drivers face fines for overtaking cyclists

Could you be fined for passing a cyclist? The Highway Code’s revamp for 2022 ruled in favour of cyclists and pedestrians, with drivers facing penalties of […]
30th August 2022

Our top 10 safest cars of 2022

When car shopping, it’s easy to be distracted by cool tech, comfy cabins and flashy paint jobs. These are all nice to have but shouldn’t be […]
25th August 2022

UK car production rises, but so do energy costs

Is the global lack of car parts starting to lift? The effects of the pandemic have plagued UK car manufacturing for years, with supply chain shortages, […]
23rd August 2022

Millions set to hit the road this bank holiday weekend

The last bank holiday of the summer is nearly here, but how are you going to spend it? Whether you’re planning a road trip, a festival […]
18th August 2022

Cyclists face the potential for harsher road rules

Should cyclists abide by the same restrictions as drivers? The Government is set to review rules for bike riders in a shake-up of the Highway Code.  […]
16th August 2022

Ford’s new tech could help make driving in the dark safer

Do you like driving in the dark? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. 40% of all collisions happen in the hours of darkness, causing […]
11th August 2022

Check your tyres before “Searing Saturday”

Check you tyres before you travel this weekend, breakdown experts warn. Temperatures are expected to reach 35C in some parts of the UK this Saturday, but […]
10th August 2022

Can you eat and drink behind the wheel?

Do you tend to snack while driving? Long car journeys can be exhausting, and a quick snack can give you a much-needed energy boost. But is […]
5th August 2022

Car crime turns tech: Half of ‘keyless car’ owners are at risk

Does your car have a keyless lock system? While the latest tech gives you quick and easy access to your car, it also opens the door […]
3rd August 2022

7 ways to keep kids entertained in the car

“Are we there yet?” How many times have your kids asked you this question during a car ride? On long car journeys or road trips – […]
2nd August 2022

The world’s first carbon neutral car has been unveiled

Meet the car that cleans the air while you drive. Dutch student engineers have unveiled Zem, an electric car which removes and stores carbon dioxide as […]