Dubai relaunches plans for flying taxis by 2026

Dubai skyline

Many of us catch taxis on a regular basis, but would you sit in a flying taxi?

Some of us hoped flying cars would exist by 2023 so you may be pleased to know that flying taxis could actually exist in just a few years’ time.

Say hello to the Joby taxi

United Arab Emirates’ Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, recently announced that the country has relaunched its plans for flying taxis by 2026.

In a video tweeted by the Prime Minister, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said it has been working with leading advanced air mobility companies Skyports Infrastructure and Joby Aviation.

The video shows a six-rotor electric flying taxi taking to the skies near the Burj Khalifa and other famous local landmarks.

While plans for the flying taxi are currently in the very early stages, Oliver Walker-Jones, a spokesman for Joby Aviation, said: “We’re excited about the opportunity and actively exploring the possibility.”

The future of transport

The Joby taxi has room for a pilot with four passenger seats and would be able to travel 150 miles before needing to be charged and could reach a maximum speed of 200mph.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, part of the Roads and Transport Authority, added that the price of a flying taxi “will be in the range of a limousine service in Dubai, maybe slightly higher.”

The rates for limo services are 30% higher than taxi fares and have a minimum fare of around £2.68.

The city is also planning to build a network of “vertiports” connecting four areas of Dubai:  New Dubai International Airport, Downtown, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Each port will include two launching pads and four charging points.

With the relaunch of this plan, Dubai is hoping to get one step closer to its goal of moving away from petrol and diesel vehicles and having 25% of cars be driverless by 2030.

Flying taxis may soon exist in Dubai, but the UK also has some exciting vehicles hitting the road this year. Read more to find out.

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