7 Cars you’d want to drive in a zombie apocalypse

7 of the best cars for surviving a zombie apocalypse

We’ve got zombie fever here at 1ST CENTRAL, what with The Walking Dead season 10 premiering earlier this month and the long-awaited Zombieland squeal, Zombieland: Double tap, hitting the silver screen today!

To celebrate our love of zombies we’ve done a bit of investigating and have discovered the best cars you’d want to drive if a zombie apocalypse is upon you, and Rick Grimes is otherwise engaged.

Here are seven heavily modified vehicles that will help you safely navigate the wastelands…

1. The Marauder

This heavily armoured vehicle is resistant to bullets, mines and projectiles. Not only that but it can accommodate 10 people and a weight of up to 4,500kg. As well as being able to reach an impressive 74mph, it also comes with opt-in night vision, which is handy if you want to know what evil is lurking in the darkness.

2. Cadillac One

Former President George Bush’s presidential state car is nicknamed “The Beast“, and is a bomb-proof, bulletproof, reinforced luxury limousine. Trump’s newest version even has tear gas cannons, can suppress fire and can withstand chemical attacks. The only thing missing is night vision. Oh wait, it has that as well.

3. Bugatti Cheron

If you need to escape zombies’ speed, the best way to do it is in a chic hypercar that can travel at a staggering 261mph with 1,479 break-horsepower. Only a zombie cheetah might be able to catch you at that speed!

4. Toyota Hilux 1988

After being submerged in the ocean, crashing into a tree and being set on fire, this humble pick-up is not to be underestimated. It even handled being placed atop a 23-storey tower block that was demolished on Top Gear.

5. Land Rover Defender

WhoCanFixMyCar.com says 75% of all the Land Rovers produced since 1948 are still on the road. This is not an accident. They are famed for their resilience and can be adapted into almost anything, such as “tow trucks, military transport vehicles, mobile ambulances, caterpillar vehicles, fire engines, snow ploughs and rural police cars”.

6. Oshkosh Wheeled Tanker

With water and fuel in scarce supply, an armoured tanker carrying up to 20,000 litres of fuel or 18,000 litres of water, will put you in good stead of surviving the perils of doomsday.

7. Action Mobil Desert Challenger

This warrior of a recreational vehicle has its own on board electricity supply, a kitchen with stainless steel units with a washing machine and a walk-in fridge, as well as a comfortable living room that is elegantly decorated in a calming oriental style. Top this off with a shower, satellite TV and the capacity to hold 660 gallons of petrol, you’ll be able to travel long distances in home-from-home comfort.

Not too worried about a zombie apocalypse, but want to buy a new car? Check out our guide to 2018’s top 10 safest cars.

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