February 2022

24th February 2022

Driving while you’re tired is more dangerous than you think

Ever found yourself nodding off while driving? New research has revealed that falling asleep shouldn’t be your only worry if you’re driving while tired – you’re […]
22nd February 2022

Fewer drivers now think it’s OK to speed

Do you think it’s acceptable to drive at 80mph on a motorway? Over 40% of drivers say it’s OK, but since 2016 an increasing number are […]
17th February 2022

Female drivers feel they pay more for car repairs due to gender

Many of us may feel we have been overcharged by mechanics at least once in our lifetime, but have you ever thought your gender or age […]
15th February 2022

10 lesser-known driving offences you need to be aware of

Do you know you’re committing an offence if you drive with a dirty number plate or an unsecured pet in your car? To stop you being […]
10th February 2022

Revealed: The most commonly stolen car models in 2021

Do you drive a Ford Fiesta? If so, you might want to make sure it’s parked in a secure place, as new figures suggest it’s the […]
8th February 2022

Private parking fines to be lowered to £50 from £100

Have you ever wished that private parking fines weren’t so high? If you live in England or Wales (excluding London), you can breathe a little sigh […]
3rd February 2022

Stricter mobile phone rules to come into force from 25th March

Stop scrolling… The law on using a mobile phone while driving is about to get a whole lot tougher. The Department for Transport has announced that […]
2nd February 2022

10 things you should always keep in your car

Whether you’re on a long-distance journey or just the commute to work, you never know when a breakdown might happen. Keeping your car well-stocked with these […]
1st February 2022

UK’s favourite colour for new cars in 2021 revealed

What colour is your ideal new car? Would it be a bold or muted shade? If it’s the latter, you’re in good company, as grey has […]