Revealed: 5 worst towns to drive in

The UK's 5 worst towns to drive in have been revealed.

Buckle up, because depending on where you are… this could be a bumpy ride.

New research from MoneySupermarket has named (and shamed) the 5 worst towns and cities to drive in across the UK.

The study took into account car accidents, road quality, levels of vehicle-related crime and, of course, road rage. Each town was judged on these elements and a top (or bottom?) 5 was formed.

Now, that’s enough build up, let’s reveal the dubious winners…

5th worst place: Lincoln
Lincoln just made it into the top 5 thanks to having the highest amount of road rage anywhere in the UK. As many as 61% of drivers said they suffered from road rage when travelling through the old cathedral city.

4th worst place: Southampton
Horrendous road conditions put Southampton in the top 5, but just out of the medal positions (although we highly doubt any medals will be awarded for this). Up to 10% of the roads in Southampton are currently in need of maintenance.

3rd worst place: Birmingham
The bronze medal goes to Birmingham. The Second City was also the second most dangerous place to drive across the UK, with 2,732 accidents reported last year alone. This was enough to get it into the dreaded top 3.

2nd worst place: London
England’s capital topped Birmingham to the peak of the accident list, with a whopping 9,182 accidents last year. But this wasn’t enough to get the infamous top spot.

1st worst place: Bristol
Unfortunately, vehicle-related crime was the main reason for Bristol reaching the gold medal position. In just one month there were 296 incidents of vehicle crime… and that was just within a mile of the city centre. On top of that, 51% of drivers admitted to being on the receiving end of rage on the roads of Bristol. So it’s no surprise to see the city at the top of the list.

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