What does your car say about you?

A new study has explored the attitudes of UK drivers, and what your car really says about you.

What were you thinking about when you bought your last car? Was your mind focused on looking good, or were you just concerned about getting your food shopping in the boot?

A new study by CarGurus has explored the attitudes of UK drivers, and what your car really says about you.

From finding out how people perceive the drivers of certain cars, to learning what the main considerations really are when buying one, here are the key results:

What do drivers care about?

  • 42% of drivers want to be seen in a nice car
  • 30% think life is too short to drive a ‘boring’ car
  • 19% of men and 10% of women want to own an expensive car ‘to show they can afford it’
  • 43% don’t want a car that makes them appear ‘flashy’
  • 56% of drivers want an environmentally friendly car
  • The top 3 considerations when buying a car are visiting friends and family (74%), going on days out (73%) and food shopping (73%)

So, if someone can create a nice, interesting, expensive-but-not-flashy, environmentally car that’s perfect to go down to the shops in… you’re on to a winner!

How are drivers perceived?
During the research, the 2,000 drivers surveyed looked at a list of popular car brands and picked the words that they thought describes a driver of that car.

  • Success: Jaguar (29%) and Mercedes (27%)
  • Flashy: BMW (31%)
  • Affluence: Land Rover (22%)
  • Practical: Ford (33%)

On top of that, Fiat and Mini drivers are seen as young. So, if you’re an older Mini driver, you’ve got that going for you!

This study shows just how much thought goes into buying a new car, with most drivers caring more about the environmental impact and practicality of a car than how flashy it is.

It also shows that food shopping is as important to people as their family and friends!

Whether you’re flashy, practical or just love food…our insurance works for everyone.

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