How you could do your bit to ease Britain’s traffic jams

Changing your driving habits could help ease congestion on our roads

Few of us like to be knocked out of our comfort zone. But would you change your driving times and habits if it could help make Britain’s roads less congested?

TomTom Traffic is urging us to consider this after revealing the extent of our congestion woes – naming Belfast drivers as having to suffer Britain’s most congested roads.

The sat nav service says everyone can do their bit.

The call comes in the week it was revealed that we waste a typical 127 hours every year trapped in traffic – and the problem is getting worse.

So how can we do our little bit to ease Britain’s jams?

Steer clear of rush hour: For you early birds out there it could mean getting up an hour or two earlier. Or it might even mean having a welcome lie-in for drivers who are night owls or find sleep elusive. Whatever you’re doing, why run the stress of driving between 7.30-9am and 4.30-6pm?

Change to flexible working hours: Obviously if you’re in a 9-to-5 job, you have to join the commuting queues. But recent government laws have made that less of a problem. New motorists are the first generation to enter a jobs market offering more flexible hours. More and more employers are now offering this option. This can be particularly helpful to carers and new parents. But they can also be a godsend to those of you who just hate hitting the gridlock.

Keep up to date with traffic information: There’s never been more traffic jam data at our fingertips. On top of traditional sources of updates like the radio, there are loads of online services to help you stay one step ahead of the rush, as well as smartphone apps aplenty. Whichever you choose, they’ll help you maximise your chances of beating the jams.

But surely one person can’t change the current gridlock?
No, but TomTom says it would only take one in 20 of us to alter our travel behaviours to bring about a noticeable change.

Such a driving evolution, rather than revolution, could cut main road congestion by as much as 30%, the sat nav service claims.

But it’s all about changing mindsets. Are you ready to make that first step, set an example and change yours?