Top tips to get you through winter’s worst on the roads

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Does the thought of driving in wintry conditions fill you with dread? Taking a few minutes to read our cold weather motoring tips might make you feel safer.

The following tips should be useful to all drivers, especially youngsters who may not have as much experience on the winter roads.

Our top 10 tips to survive the winter

Keep your windscreen clean: OK, so some time-pushed motorists may not bother to keep their windscreen clear. But this restricts your viewing area and it’s not worth the risk. Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier and do a thorough job with the scraper and some de-icer to get rid of snow and ice. It could save your life.

Be prepared: Constantly check the weather forecasts so you aren’t taken by surprise when you leave for work the next morning.

Keep your tyres checked: Tyre checks become even more important in winter. So have them checked regularly or, better still, invest in winter tyres.

Get the winter survival kit: Before each journey – especially long ones – make sure you have the main components of this potentially lifesaving kit aboard.

  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • Warning triangle
  • Snow shovel
  • Blankets
  • Warm boots and coat
  • Jump leads
  • Torch

Clear your roof: Why, you may ask? Failure to do so may lead to big clumps of snow falling on to your windscreen when you least expect it and obscuring your vision at crucial moments.

Gently does it: Avoid sudden manoeuvres, especially braking, to avoid the risk of skidding.

But if you do skid… immediately apply your clutch, turn the steering wheel to go in the direction of the skid. Avoid braking as this will only lock the wheels.

When you pull away: You can prevent wheel-spins by easing your left foot off your clutch.

Slow down and keep your distance: The ice and snow give you less time to react. So keep to sensible speeds and leave a good gap between your vehicle and the one in front.

Downhill driving: Prevent the risk of skidding by changing into third or fourth gears.

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  1. Dave elbaum says:

    I think your advice on winter driving was very good and i hope people take time to read it. Thank you .HAPPY XMAS.

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