Road Safety

9th September 2021
Busy smart motorway M25

Smart motorways to be made safer

How confident do you feel using so-called ‘smart’ motorways? It seems safety improvements are finally being made to stretches of smart motorway in England, road bosses […]
8th September 2021
Pothole damaged road

Mercedes develop technology to warn other drivers about potholes in the road

Have you ever dreamed of a sat nav for speed bumps or to plan your route based on potholes? Your wish might have just come true. […]
12th August 2021
Large sign of an MOT testing station in the UK

Drivers urged to book MOTs ahead of ‘Super September’ surge

Is your car due an MOT? Motorists with cars due a test next month are being strongly advised to book one in as early as possible […]
5th August 2021
Car thief opening the doors of a stolen car

UK car theft hotspots revealed

How bad is your area for car theft? New research reveals which UK locations score best and worse, with Romford holding the highest rate of reported […]
28th July 2021
Someone receiving a scam message on their smart phone

DVLA warns drivers to avoid becoming ‘next target’ of scam messages

Do you know the warning signs to avoid being scammed? With car scams on the rise, the DVLA has issued a new warning to prevent drivers […]
18th June 2021
A man yawns while driving

Millions of drivers have fallen asleep at wheel, spreading risk of ‘carnage’

We’ve probably all felt a touch sluggish while behind the wheel at some point. But have you ever closed your eyes for an uncomfortable few seconds? […]
8th June 2021
A young driver behind the wheel of her car

Most young motorists unaware of driving dangers despite higher fatality risk

Did you know road collisions are the leading cause of death among teenagers? But alarmingly, it seems young motorists may be oblivious to just how dangerous […]
30th May 2021
Mobile phone with map GPS navigation in car

Google Maps update could ‘reduce road collisions’

Most of us would be (quite literally) lost nowadays without a map on our smartphone. But could the handy tools also help us stay safe on […]
11th May 2021
A young cheerful woman with hat sitting in car, listening to music and dancing

Drivers listening to R&B have the worse reaction times

What type of music do you like listening to when you’re behind the wheel? A new study suggests drivers who listen to R&B in the car […]
27th April 2021
Mechanic in a garage checking a car

Drivers urged to check they have valid MOT

Did you take advantage of the handy six-month MOT exemption period granted at the start of the pandemic? Now a new report suggests the grace period […]
22nd April 2021
Close-up of male driver’s hand checking the air conditioning in a car.

Hot weather can increase the risk of dangerous driving experts warn

Do you like driving with your windows down, or prefer having the air conditioning on when the weather gets hot? According to the experts at Moneyshake, […]
9th April 2021
An angry man driving behind the wheel

Driver stress levels up since first lockdown, survey reveals

What are your stress levels like when you get behind the wheel? A new survey shows 90% of drivers feel stressed and angry at least some […]
7th April 2021
Roads resurfaced on average just once every 68 years

Roads get resurfaced every 68 years on average, new survey reveals

The next time you see a road outside your house being resurfaced, take a photo – because you’re unlikely to see it happen again, say the […]
28th March 2021
Kwik-fit MOT garage

Motorists missing MOT renewal by more than three weeks

Almost 10% of drivers wait more than three weeks too long before booking an MOT renewal.  Government MOT extensions related to the coronavirus pandemic ended on […]
12th March 2021
Cars on residential driveway

How to get your car back on the road after lockdown

With non-essential travel off the cards in recent months, many of us will have found our cars doing significantly fewer miles than usual. As restrictions start […]
23rd February 2021
A man checking tyre pressure

Drivers urged to keep up tyre checks during lockdown

With the UK still under strict lockdown restrictions, few of us are using our cars in the way we normally would – instead leaving them stationary […]
18th February 2021
Pothole on road

Potholes left unrepaired for up to four months

If you drive regularly, you’ll likely be only too familiar with the dreaded pothole. Aside from presenting a real danger for road users, hitting one could […]
11th February 2021
A car driving in the snow

Will driving after a weather warning affect my car insurance?

Could driving during snow, ice, wind, rain or fog following a weather warning invalidate your car insurance if you need to make a claim? Luckily, leading […]
8th February 2021
A smart motorway

Smart motorway safety tech rollout brought forward

It looks like smart motorways may be set for an unexpectedly early safety boost – after the Transport Secretary turned up the pressure on Highways England. […]
28th January 2021
Collision of two cars in snow.

Cities most prone to winter weather accidents revealed

Some of us may have enjoyed the novelty of snow in recent weeks, but for many drivers, the wintery conditions have not been as welcomed. The […]