Road Safety

14th September 2023

Road maintenance falls to four-year low

RAC’s analysis of government data has proven that road resurfacing and life-extending treatment is at the lowest it’s been in five years.  A 34% drop in […]
30th August 2023

Top tips for driving this autumn

In the blink of an eye, summer’s drawn to a close. With the turning of the leaves and shorter daylight hours, the inevitable autumnal changes are […]
13th July 2023

28% of cars fail their MOT tests – this is the most common reason why

MOT tests can throw up some unexpected results, so it might be helpful to learn some of the most common reasons that cars fail the annual […]
29th June 2023

Almost 1 in 4 motorists turn to DIY car servicing amid cost of living crisis

Has the cost of living crisis put the brakes on your car servicing? In a bid to cut costs on motor maintenance, 23% of car owners […]
22nd June 2023

Holidaymakers warned of European driving licence and number plate rules

Going away on holiday between June and August? If so, you join 81% of Brits in their summer holiday plans, according to Trip Advisor’s Seasonal Travel […]
15th June 2023

Road safety: Call for lower speed limits around schools

Is speeding traffic putting you off the walk to school? Parents across the UK worry for their children’s safety, with reports of unsafe roads rolling in. […]
5th June 2023

5 things every driver should know

With regular updates to The Highway Code and new motoring laws introduced all the time, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest […]
31st May 2023

Spike in speeding cases as convictions reach eight-year high

The number of drivers convicted for speeding has reached an eight-year high, according to new figures. Analysis of government data by Churchill Motor Insurance showed speeding […]
23rd May 2023

Car theft up by 25% in 2022

Do you know where your car is right now? You’ll want to keep a close eye on your vehicle as stats have found that car theft […]
18th May 2023

Transport Minister warns of ‘moral panic’ around self-driving cars

Have the ‘horror stories’ around self-driving cars put you off the technology? Last month, the UK became the first European country to allow drivers to take […]
16th May 2023

Pothole damage payouts could’ve filled 340,000 potholes

Ever received compensation for pothole-related damage? Last year, councils coughed up almost £27 million in payouts to drivers whose cars suffered after driving over potholes. This […]
11th May 2023

Longer lorries to be allowed on Britain’s roads

We’ve all seen lorries making their way up and down the motorways, but have you ever thought about how big they are?  Starting from 31 May […]
5th May 2023

Drivers risk a £5,000 fine for driving unsafely with pets

Do you drive with your pets in the car? With the Coronation weekend approaching and another bank holiday at the end of May, drivers are being […]
1st May 2023

The rise and fall of smart motorways

Smart motorways are meant to reduce congestion and increase capacity during the busiest times on the road. Opening the hard shoulder as a running lane is […]
25th April 2023

Yorkshire tops the list of areas with most dangerous drivers

Planning a roadtrip to Yorkshire soon? You might want to change plans, especially if you want to avoid the UK’s most dangerous drivers, who according to […]
13th April 2023

Is this the end of smart motorways?

Do you think smart motorways should be shelved? Cost and safety concerns could mean the controversial roadways will never be built again. The i newspaper believes […]
11th April 2023

8 travel tips for driving in windy weather

Hitting the road this week? Be vigilant of strong winds and heavy rains. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for the west coast […]
3rd April 2023

7 handy car features you may not know about

Ever wondered if your car has any hidden tricks or compartments? We’ve put together a list of features your car has that you might not know […]
14th March 2023

Nearly half of drivers have to avoid potholes every day

Are you having to avoid potholes every time you drive? According to a recent survey, nearly half of drivers swerve to avoid potholes on a daily […]
9th March 2023

6 tips for safe driving after the UK’s urgent snow warning

Drivers could face chaotic weather conditions in the upcoming weeks as the Met Office has issued an urgent weather warning for snow and ice across the […]