Road Safety

17th July 2019
Do you find your children a distraction behind the wheel?

Backseat dangers: Are your kids distracting you?

Kids can be a handful. Whether you’re rushing to get them to sports practice or taking them out to pick up their new school uniform, there […]
8th July 2019
Calls for the current motorway speed limit of 70mph to raise by 10mph.

Should the motorway speed limit be raised to 80mph?

How fast do you drive when you’re travelling on a motorway? Do you stick to the 70mph speed limit or do you sometimes find yourselves straying […]
5th July 2019
Children being put at risk due to incorrect car seats

Parents putting kids at risk with ill-fitting car seats

If you’ve got little ones, you’ll know just how many things you need to remember when heading out with them in the car, from travel games […]
28th June 2019
Top 10 dash cams on the market revealed

Top dash cams on the market

Dash cams may seem like the latest motoring fad, but in actual fact they’re becoming a must-have bit of kit when it comes to keeping you […]
21st June 2019
Are you being driven round the bend by confusing road signs?

Campaign for safer road signs

We’ve partnered with IAM RoadSmart to help improve people’s knowledge of road signs and have found some shocking results off the back of our research. Want to find […]
19th June 2019
Hedgehog road signs are being introduced to help improve road safety on rural roads in the UK.

Road hogs! New signs to warn of hedgehog crossings

What’s your favourite road sign? Maybe you like the one warning drivers about ducks crossing the road? Or perhaps your favourite is the deer warning sign? […]
18th June 2019
UK's most confusing road signs revealed

The UK’s most confusing road signs

They’re meant to be there to help us out, but new research has revealed that road signs are causing a little bit too much confusion on […]
17th June 2019
Confusing road signs are driving British motorists round the bend

Revealed: Over half of UK motorists are driven round the bend by confusing road signs

Are you being driven round the bend by confusing road signs? If the answer is “yes”, then you’re not alone. We’ve done a spot of research […]
13th June 2019
10 Bizarre road sings from around the world

10 bizarre road signs from around the world

Sometimes it’s hard enough to figure out – or remember! – what the road sings in the UK mean, but when you’re driving in a foreign […]
9th May 2019
Friday's have been revealed to be the most dangerous day to drive on UK roads

Revealed: Most dangerous day to drive

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous day to drive on the roads is? Well, after looking at 1ST CENTRAL’s accident data from 2016 to 2018, […]
1st May 2019
New research reveals the dangerous social media addiction among millennial drivers.

Social media addiction putting UK drivers at risk

How often do you find yourself checking social media for the latest celebrity tweets or Instagram posts? Once a day? Maybe a couple of times an […]
25th April 2019
Drivers are swerving onto the wrong side of the road to avoid the danger of hitting a pothole

UK’s pothole ridden roads fuelling dangerous driving

How do you react if you come across a pothole? Do you hit the brakes and try to limit the damage to your car? Or simply […]
20th April 2019
Driving tired is estiamted to cause 1 in 5 car accidents

Top tips to prevent driving tired

Driving to work while still half asleep is something that lots of us do everyday with most people don’t see it as an issue. But, driving tired […]
5th April 2019
The Toyota Prius tops the list for most accident-prone cars on the road in the uk

The most accident-prone cars revealed

Ever been tempted by a Toyota Prius? It’s one of the most popular cars in the UK and the best-selling electric hybrid on the market, but […]
25th March 2019
The speed-limiters would see vehicles restricted to speed limits

New cars to have speed restriction by 2022

A landmark day for road safety, or little more than an ineffective ‘dodgem’ device? Opinion is divided after new EU rules were provisionally agreed to fit […]
11th March 2019
New prank sees kids risking their lives on the road

Kids take part in dangerous new prank on the road

Motorists are being warned of a dangerous new craze that sees children lying in the road and jumping up in front of moving vehicles. According to […]
27th February 2019
Illegal car seats still being sold at certain retailers

Banned child car seats still available to buy

Banned child car seats that don’t give toddlers enough protection in a collision are still available to buy, a consumer watchdog has warned. The fabric seats […]
20th February 2019
Too old to drive? There's no such thing as long as you're still competent behind the wheel

Too old to drive?

Recently a debate has been bought to the table surrounding when are you too old to drive? The issue is many people who would be impacted […]
6th February 2019
The collision has divided opinion on social media

Motorbike collides with car at a junction — but who’s in the wrong?

Think you’re a good driver? See yourself as a motoring mastermind when it comes to working out who’s in the right on the roads? Well, dashcam […]
15th January 2019
Plastic roads could solve the UK pothole epidemic

Plastic roads could solve the pothole problem

If you’ve been out on the roads today, there’s every chance you came across the odd pothole or two. Or three. Or four! In fact, experts […]