Road Safety

14th September 2020
Mechanic carrying out a car service.

12.5 million vehicles miss car servicing during pandemic

Have you used your car less during lockdown? That doesn’t mean you should skip your service… According to garage comparison site, BookMyGarage, nearly eight in 10 […]
5th September 2020
Indicator stick on a car

1st CENTRAL’s essential guide to car lights and headlights

Headlights when it’s dark, full beam when it’s darker. Easy, right? You’d be surprised how many people don’t know when to use all the lights on […]
4th September 2020
Pothole on road

Government vows to tackle England’s pothole hotspots

Spotted a hole in the road? It could be time to look forward to a smoother commute as the government sets out to fund repairs on […]
2nd September 2020
Parent strapping child into car seat.

New online tool helps parents choose right car seat

Is your child strapped in safely? Four out of 10 parents admit they’re uncertain which car seat is right for their child… Parents across the UK […]
19th August 2020
Sat nav on windscreen.

Is your sat nav stealing your focus?

Eyes on the road! Is your sat nav obstructing your view? Placing your sat nav in the wrong place on the windscreen could lead to potentially […]
22nd July 2020
Obstructed road sign

Drivers urged to report obscured road signs

Ever been caught out by a road sign hidden in the bushes? According to a study by, 70% of Brits plan to holiday in the […]
20th July 2020
UK roads are second safest in Europe

UK roads named second safest in Europe

How safe do you feel on British roads? A recent report by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) shows the UK had the second fewest road […]
14th July 2020
Euro Rescue app will save lives

New app will help first responders save lives

Accidents happen. And when they do, we want to know that first response services can reach crash victims quickly and easily.   Euro NCAP, together with […]
16th June 2020
Top tips for driving with hay fever

Motorists warned to check hay fever tablets before driving

Snivels and sneezes can be a real irritation behind the wheel. But hay fever sufferers are also being warned that taking medication could make their driving […]
10th June 2020
Sharing the road with cyclists

Keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe on the roads

After updated government advice urged commuters to travel on bicycles and scooters, the number of people using these vehicles is set to increase, at least until […]
19th May 2020
Maintaining vehicles during lockdown

Motorists warned to keep their cars maintained during lockdown

Have you left your car to sleep through lockdown? If so, it might need a little TLC before heading back out on the road… Experts are […]
10th February 2020
Driver fined £100 for sneezing

Driver slapped with ‘ridiculous’ £100 fine after pulling over to sneeze

You’re having a fit of the sneezes behind the wheel, so you pull over. Sounds sensible, right? Well, this driver got fined for doing just that… […]
3rd February 2020
Buckingham Palace causes 34 accidents a year

Britain’s most distracting landmarks revealed

Do you wave to the Royals when driving past Buckingham Palace? Or pause to wonder at Stonehenge when passing through Wiltshire? Accident data has revealed the […]
31st January 2020
Passengers risk horrific injuries by putting their feet up on the dashboard.

Keep your feet off the dash

Horrifying X-ray images released on Twitter show the dangers of allowing passengers to drive with their feet up on the dashboard.  Police shared images of a […]
27th January 2020
Front-facing car seats put young children at greater risk

1 in 4 parents use wrong car seat

Are you unintentionally putting your small child at risk? Alarmingly, one in four parents could be both breaking the law and endangering their little one by […]
25th January 2020
Reckless motorist drives with no hands on the wheel

Reckless drivers show little care for safety

Thought most drivers took care behind the wheel? Think again. A stretch in Dorset has revealed the shocking ways drivers risk lives on the road… A […]
21st January 2020
Do you risk driving without your glasses?

One million drivers refuse to wear glasses

Do motorway gantry lights blur into one? Does that sign say 30 or 50? It might time to put on your specs… A “concerning” new survey […]
6th January 2020
Drivers are swerving onto the wrong side of the road to avoid the danger of hitting a pothole

UK’s pothole ridden roads fuelling dangerous driving

How do you react if you come across a pothole? Do you hit the brakes and try to limit the damage to your car? Or simply […]
9th December 2019
Could an increase in roadside breathalyser tests reduce fatalities?

Drink-driving related deaths highest since 2010

Have plummeting police numbers played a part in a surge in drink-drive deaths? Department for Transport data shows that serious incidents and road fatalities related to […]
2nd December 2019
Distracted driving caused 93 deaths in 2018

Distracted driving caused 3,000 crashes and 93 deaths last year

When it comes to distracted driving habits, it seems there’s still plenty that needs to change here in the UK. Analysis of Department for Transport (DfT) […]