Road Safety

22nd November 2019
A third of motorists are still using their phones behind the wheel.

A third of motorists admit to using phone behind the wheel

Are you guilty of using your mobile phone while driving? According to new research by Direct Line, almost a third (29%) of British motorists admit to […]
18th November 2019
Distracted driving accounted for 2,637 accidents in the UK last year.

Driven to distraction behind the wheel

To mark this year’s Road Safety Week, we’ve unveiled a powerful new film to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. The video tells the emotional […]
11th November 2019
Motorists face 36% more accidents driving on winter roads

Evening road accidents up by 36% after clocks change

Do you feel less safe driving in the dark? While the clocks going back might give us brighter mornings, motorists could face a higher risk of […]
6th November 2019
What is a driver’s biggest fear? 14 million motorists point the finger at each other.

Motorists’ biggest fear is other drivers on the road

What’s your biggest fear on the roads? Wet weather? Animals? How about your fellow drivers? As many as a third of UK motorists admit their biggest […]
4th November 2019
Nearly a third (31%) have had near miss due to feeling anxious whilst driving

Revealed: The impact of feeling anxious whilst driving

Have you ever felt anxious whilst driving? Whether it’s work, an argument with a loved one, or concerns about being late – any number of things […]
30th October 2019
20,000 drivers were convicted of drug driving offences last year

60 motorists a day banned for drug-driving

Is the UK in the midst of a drug-driving epidemic? Nearly 20,000 motorists were convicted for the offence last year, including 44 teenagers who attempted to […]
26th October 2019
We can now reveal the most dangerous songs to drive to are...

Revealed: The most dangerous songs to drive to

Really, it should come as no surprise that motorists listening to higher tempo songs in the car are more likely to drive erratically. Well, scientists at South […]
17th October 2019
7 of the best cars for surviving a zombie apocalypse

7 Cars you’d want to drive in a zombie apocalypse

We’ve got zombie fever here at 1ST CENTRAL, what with The Walking Dead season 10 premiering earlier this month and the long-awaited Zombieland squeal, Zombieland: Double […]
14th October 2019
These medical conditions could stop you driving

13 medical conditions that could land you a hefty fine

There are a number of health conditions that could stop you driving, but did you know déjà vu was one of them? DVLA is warning motorists […]
13th October 2019
33 new drivers lose their licence every day

33 new drivers lose their licence every day

Passing your driving test makes you safe for the roads, right? New statistics suggest not… According to Brake, as many as 33 new drivers lose their […]
4th October 2019
Horrific car crash on M62 reveals dangers of driving in wet weather.

Horror crash reveals dangers of driving in wet weather

Shocking new photos of a crumpled car wrapped around a lamppost have once again shone a light on the very real dangers of wet weather driving. […]
1st October 2019
Fatal car crash caused by dangerous driver with 25 points on his licence

Killer driver had 25 points on his licence before fatal crash

Those affected by a tragic car crash in Manchester have been further  devastated to learn the fatal collision was caused by a driver who should’ve been […]
26th September 2019
Driving in wet weather can be rather frightening check out our top tips to ensure you get to your destination safely.

Top tips for driving in wet weather

One of the biggest downsides of living in the UK has got to be the tumultuous weather; one day it can be blistering sunshine, the next […]
25th September 2019
Are newborns at risk in car seats?

Are parents putting their newborns at risk by using car seats?

You’ve strapped them in, secured the belt and faced the car seat away from the airbag. But could your newborn still be at risk? According to […]
20th September 2019
Essential maintenance checks to keep your car roadworthy and legal to drive.

Is your car roadworthy?

How often do you check your brake fluid? Come on, be totally honest… Making sure your car is roadworthy and keeping on top of your car’s […]
16th September 2019
Here's your guide on everything you need to know about dash cams

Everything you need to know about dash cams

Dash cams are for everyone – whether you’re heading five minutes down the road or taking on a mammoth commute, that’s why having a dash cam […]
13th September 2019
Check out our top tips for driving this autumn.

Top tips for driving this autumn

In the blink of an eye, summer’s drawing to a close. Even if you’ve had your eyes shut since May, you wouldn’t have missed much, as […]
19th August 2019
Potholes are reported to the council every 45 seconds

Potholes are causing havoc on UK roads

How often do you find yourself complaining about the state of the roads in your local area? Every month? A few times a week? Maybe when […]
7th August 2019
Netflix and YouTube could soon be coming to Tesla

Tesla drivers to catch up on Netflix from behind the wheel

Where’s your favourite place to catch up on the best Netflix shows or watch the latest updates from all those popular YouTube vloggers? Maybe you prefer […]
31st July 2019
New restrictions could be introduced for young drivers

Is this the end of driving at night for new drivers?

Proposed restrictions on newly-qualified drivers should be introduced as soon as possible to cut road deaths, say leading road safety campaigners. IAM RoadSmart is urging the […]