Road Safety

24th May 2022

New intelligent headlights make driving at night safer

Does driving on unlit roads at night fill you with dread? Ford’s new headlight technology could be your saviour. Using GPS tracking data to predict bends […]
10th May 2022

MOT test every two years is an ‘irresponsible’ idea

What do experts think of the government’s idea to double the MOT test interval to every two years? According to fleet manages and industry experts, it’s […]
19th April 2022

Drivers with hay fever could be hit with £1,000 fine

Does hay fever cause you an itchy throat and watery eyes? If so, you could be at risk of a motoring offence carrying a £1,000 fine. […]
29th March 2022

£12 billion to fix England and Wales’ potholes

How would you describe the state of your local roads – silky smooth or bumpy and hazardous? You’re not alone if you answered the latter. In […]
24th February 2022

Driving while you’re tired is more dangerous than you think

Ever found yourself nodding off while driving? New research has revealed that falling asleep shouldn’t be your only worry if you’re driving while tired – you’re […]
20th December 2021

Most drivers don’t know how much alcohol will tip them over the drink-drive limit

How many drinks could you have, and still be happy to drive? According to a survey by road safety charity IAM Roadsmart, the majority of drivers […]
8th December 2021

I’ve been hit by an uninsured driver – what should I do?

Uninsured drivers are more common than you might think. Each year in the UK, more than 130 people are killed and 26,000 are left injured in […]
6th December 2021

1 in 5 drivers ignore dashboard warning lights

Do you pay attention to your dashboard warning lights? New research reveals more than a fifth (22%) of motorists are currently ignoring a lit-up warning light […]
30th November 2021

Most UK drivers delay essential car checks

How quickly do you get problems with your car fixed? New research reveals most UK drivers wait more than just a few days to resolve issues […]
23rd November 2021

Nearly a third of Brits glued to phones while crossing the road

Ever had to act quickly to avoid a distracted pedestrian while in the driver’s seat? Worryingly, almost a third of Brits have confessed to using their […]
16th November 2021

Drivers warned of effects of poor UK road conditions

How safe are our roads? Unfortunately, almost one-fifth of UK roads are in urgent need of repair as they could lead to a greater number of […]
11th October 2021

Brain research to help identify drivers losing concentration at wheel

Would you appreciate a gentle nudge when you’re starting to switch off while driving? Well it could soon be a possibility, as one car firm has […]
9th September 2021

Smart motorways to be made safer

How confident do you feel using so-called ‘smart’ motorways? It seems safety improvements are finally being made to stretches of smart motorway in England, road bosses […]
8th September 2021

Mercedes develop technology to warn other drivers about potholes in the road

Have you ever dreamed of a sat nav for speed bumps or to plan your route based on potholes? Your wish might have just come true. […]
12th August 2021

Drivers urged to book MOTs ahead of ‘Super September’ surge

Is your car due an MOT? Motorists with cars due a test next month are being strongly advised to book one in as early as possible […]
5th August 2021

UK car theft hotspots revealed

How bad is your area for car theft? New research reveals which UK locations score best and worse, with Romford holding the highest rate of reported […]
28th July 2021

DVLA warns drivers to avoid becoming ‘next target’ of scam messages

Do you know the warning signs to avoid being scammed? With car scams on the rise, the DVLA has issued a new warning to prevent drivers […]
18th June 2021

Millions of drivers have fallen asleep at wheel, spreading risk of ‘carnage’

We’ve probably all felt a touch sluggish while behind the wheel at some point. But have you ever closed your eyes for an uncomfortable few seconds? […]
8th June 2021

Most young motorists unaware of driving dangers despite higher fatality risk

Did you know road collisions are the leading cause of death among teenagers? But alarmingly, it seems young motorists may be oblivious to just how dangerous […]
30th May 2021

Google Maps update could ‘reduce road collisions’

Most of us would be (quite literally) lost nowadays without a map on our smartphone. But could the handy tools also help us stay safe on […]
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