UK motorists go back to black

1 in 4 cars on the UK’s roads are black

What colour is your car? A Ferrari-style red or maybe the classic British racing green?

Well, if you answered black then you’re not alone as a recent study has revealed that the UK’s favourite car colour is black, accounting for almost a quarter (24%) of cars on the road.

The Admiral study found that despite the amount of market choice nowadays, motorists are still opting for the classics.

Blue is the second most popular choice, accounting for almost one in five (19%) cars, while less than 1% of cars on the roads are purple.

Colour preference of the British public

The study found that gender makes little difference to colour preference, with black and blue being the two most popular colours for both men and women.

However, when it comes to white cars – once the nation’s favourite – women are more likely than men to choose it (17% compared to 12%).

  1. Black (24%)
  2. Blue (19%)
  3. Grey (16%)
  4. White (14%)
  5. Silver (12%)
  6. Red (11%)
  7. Green (2%)
  8. Yellow (1%)
  9. Brown (1%)
  10. Purple (0%)

Black is the favoured colour for 14 out of 20 major car brands, although white is most popular for Fiats, and most Ferrari owners opt for the marque’s classic red.

The classics

Sabine Williams, Admiral Head of Motors, said: “Our analysis shows that classic black is the nation’s favourite car colour regardless of where in the country you live.

“It’s interesting that in an age where people want to express their individuality in how they look, so many of us still resort to choosing the same colour cars.

“Three quarters of motorists drive either a black, blue, grey or white car.”

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