Cars that cost less than the new iPhone X

The iPhone X marks the phone’s 10-year anniversary

Apple’s new iPhone X is being released this Friday to celebrate the smartphone’s 10-year anniversary. But it comes with such a hefty price tag that The Sun has released a list of cars you can pick up for less…

A 24-month contract with just 100GB data limit is £87.99 a month with EE, or £2,100 over two years. Meanwhile, an unlimited two-year contract will set you back £117 a month or £2,800.

There could be a better way to spend your hard-earned cash…

Dacia Sandero – £89 a month

This car has topped many a best-value list, so it’s no surprise you can bag yourself one of these nippy, no-frills beasts for less than a smartphone.

At just £89 – with only a £1,300 deposit – it makes a practical purchase.

Suzuki Celerio – £89 a month

This 1.0-litre city car is great for getting around town on a budget, and reviewers say it feels bigger than it looks.

To secure this deal you’ll need a deposit of £1,945.

Skoda Citigo – £115 a month

The Citigo won the What Car? 2017 Car of the Year award and is smart, roomy and comes with some generous extras.

Although the £115 a month price tag is a bit more expensive than some, Auto Express had it listed as £95 a month earlier this year, so there could be some wiggle room when negotiating with a dealer.

Volkswagen Up! – £110 a month

Auto Express have the Up! as its City Car of the Year 2017, and this peppy little hatchback comes with an appealing price tag.

You’ll need a deposit of £2,200, however, the monthly rate still comes out less than the cost of 256GB iPhoneX.

Mini Cooper – used under £2,000

Great handling, a revvy engine and sharp brakes – reminiscent of the Italian Job – make the Mini a fun car to drive, and you can bag yourself a 2005 model for under £2,000.

Mazda MX-5 – used under £2,000

With a new fourth generation MX-5 hitting the streets in 2016, older models have come down in price and you can get yourself this sweet convertible for under £2,000.

Jaguar S-Type – used under £2,000

Old Jags are not famous for their quality, and you could see yourself landed with expensive repair bills if you don’t buy carefully.

But, if you do your research, double check the car’s history and listen out for rattles and clanks when you take it for a test drive, you could end up with a 10-year-old luxury model for under £2,000.

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