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28th June 2021
Bentley’s previews new AI generated music system

New Bentley can compose a unique soundtrack to your drive

What would your daily commute sound like as a film score? Bentley can show you… Luxury car manufacturer Bentley have partnered with an AI music company […]
20th May 2021
A dog left alone in car

‘Excuse me, you’ve forgotten your dog!’ Weird items left in part-ex cars

We’ve all been guilty of stashing away clutter in our car boots, but surely we’d be sure to have a proper clear out before part-exchanging? Well, […]
9th May 2021
Assembly line production of new cars

Semiconductor shortage poses threat to UK car manufacturers’ recovery

The UK car manufacturing industry is back in business. But while rates of vehicle production are enjoying a steady rise as restrictions ease, a motoring body […]
15th March 2021
Car salesman handing over car key to customer

Is now the best time to grab a used car bargain?

If you’ve been thinking of buying a used car for a while, now could be the best time to bag one. With car dealership doors reopening […]
6th February 2021
A test of the system is expected to go live in September 2017.

Union Flag to replace EU flag on driving licences and number plates

So, who’s ready for a makeover? British symbols including the Union Flag are set to replace the European Union flag on UK driving licences and number […]
21st December 2020
Scam emails

DVLA exposes latest online scams targeting drivers

Would you know how to spot a scam email? The DVLA has released images of the latest online scams targeting motorists that could catch you out. […]
24th November 2020
Scam alert traffic sign.

Rise in online phishing scams targeting motorists

Feeling paranoid about online fraud? Recent findings by TransUnion show Covid-related digital fraud remains a growing threat in the UK, with 28% of households targeted by […]
10th August 2020
New cars parked

New car sales grow for the first time in 2020

Did lockdown get you dreaming of a brand-new motor? Apparently, you’re not alone. New car registrations grew by 11.3% in July compared to the same month […]
3rd August 2020
New cars in dealer showroom.

Majority of Brits still want to test-drive new cars

You can buy pretty much anything online these days. But would you buy a new car? According to new research from the AA, the answer is […]
23rd April 2020
Jeremy Clarkson named automotive icon

Jeremy Clarkson named greatest automotive icon

Jeremy Clarkson’s ego has been boosted as he’s beaten Steve McQueen to the title of greatest screen automotive icon. A survey by Hyundai asked 2,000 Brits […]
17th April 2020
Racing driver turns Tesco delivery driver

Racing champion turns delivery driver during Coronavirus lockdown

Looking for fast food? Look no further! This British racing champion has put the brakes on his track career to serve the nation as a Tesco […]
8th April 2020
The Stig

How The Stig spends a day in isolation

Have you ever wondered how The Stig takes his daily exercise? Hint: it involves a lawnmower… The helmeted driver from BBC’s Top Gear has released a […]
25th February 2019
Emoji number plates have hit Queensland, would you get one?

Smiley faces all round: Australia introduces emoji number plates

Ever been tempted to get a personalised number plate, but not sure how you can show your personality in a collection of numbers and letters? Well, […]
14th December 2018
How long would it take Father Christmas to do his Christmas Eve deliveries by car?

Father Christmas would take 693 years deliver presents by car

‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ – but for poor old Father Christmas, it’s all work and no play. This year he’s expected to […]
12th September 2018
Driver handed parking fine for 1998

Driver hit with ‘20-year-old’ parking fine

What’s the longest you’ve left your car parked in a multi-storey car park? A whole day? Maybe overnight? Well, imagine the surprise of one motorist when […]
18th April 2018
The German brand’s logo combines the Free State of Württemberg and the former capital, Stuttgart

Decoding the hidden meanings behind car logos

When a manufacturer decides on their brand name, it usually gold-seals its identity with a logo. But do you know why Alfa Romeo’s badge depicts a […]
23rd March 2018

Guess the famous egg – winners

Are you a winner of our Guess the famous egg competition? Find out below… Day 1 Correct answer: Donald Trump Winners name: Carole De Asha Location: Liverpool […]
1st March 2018
The Tesla Model S has an abundance of hidden Easter eggs

What are car Easter eggs?

With Easter fast-approaching, an annual Easter egg hunt is likely to be on the cards. But maybe not in the traditional sense… Before you start hiding […]
7th February 2018

1st CENTRAL’s Winter Olympics 2018 Competition– terms and conditions

1.The promoter is: First Central Insurance Management Ltd trading as 1ST CENTRAL (company number 6489797) whose registered office is at Central House, 25-27 Perrymount Road, Haywards […]
22nd January 2018

National Puzzle Day 2018 – terms and conditions

The promoter is: First Central Insurance Management Ltd trading as 1ST CENTRAL (company number 6489797) whose registered office is at Central House, 25-27 Perrymount Road, Haywards […]