Black is the new white when it comes to car colours

Black has overtaken white as the most popular car colour on UK roads

It’s one of the first things many of us look for when we buy a car.

Some may look for safety features, speed, fuel economy and high-tech gadgets.

But for millions of motorists, the choice of colour is key. For years, white has ruled British drivers’ popularity charts.

But the latest research shows there’s a new most prominent colour on our roads…and it couldn’t be a greater contrast.

Black is back
Britain’s motorists prefer black when it comes to choice of car colour.

That’s according to car industry research consultancy cap hpi.

Its popularity is pretty consistent throughout all the different types of vehicle, as the following stats reveal:

  • 5% of convertibles are black, making it the most popular in this category
  • 29% of coupe cabriolets sold are now black
  • 22% of buyers of mid-range cars choose black
  • Black is also the market leader among luxury executive (24%) and large executive (28%) car buyers
  • Almost 1 in 4 sports car buyers prefer black
  • 1 in 4 SUV sales are of black models

Silver lining
There’s hope for silver-coloured car lovers. 27% of MPV drivers choose silver. And 19% of supermini buyers also plump for silver.

And black lags behind among city car buyers too.

Boasting only 16% of these machines, black is defeated by red (18%) and white (17%).

Why black?
They hold their value better: This is especially the case with middle-of-the-road vehicles. Chips and scratches show up more on brighter paintwork.

It’s considered a “safe” colour: Black is a so-called solid colour, meaning people are less likely to go off it.

What the expert says
Retail specialist for cap hpi Philip Nothard reckons white has become popular in recent years in line with other “must-have” items, including tablets, smartphones and laptops.

He adds that black vehicles seem to hold their value better than all the other colours – and people are becoming more conscious of this in an uncertain economy.

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