October 2015

26th October 2015

Parents to sit in on driving lessons

Thought your driving lesson days were over? Or perhaps – if you haven’t yet passed your test – your worst nightmare is the thought of your […]
19th October 2015

On your marks for the battle of the Bond cars

Which Bond car is quickest? While many of these top-of-the-range motors may be out of reach for most young drivers, it’s an argument that’s raged for […]
8th October 2015

Why it’s time to brush up on the Highway Code

Think about it – how many times have you looked at the Highway Code since passing your driving test? Those of you who have are in […]
1st October 2015

Why messy cars are driving us up the wall

UK drivers are a messy bunch. From discarded food wrappers to sweaty gym clothes, there are some absolute horrors lurking inside the nation’s vehicles. The extent […]