May 2020

28th May 2020
Drivers save millions on fuel during lockdown

Lockdown savings – UK drivers save £267m on fuel

Restrictions on travel during the Coronavirus pandemic have caused many drivers to abandon their daily commute, resulting in fewer trips to the pump to fill up. […]
26th May 2020
Using your hazard lights incorrectly could land you with a fine

Using hazard lights wrongly could cost you £5,000

Be honest – do you ever use your hazard lights to thank other road users, or to help you park on busy roads? Take stock. These […]
22nd May 2020
Kids make car journeys stressful

Half of parents blame their kids for stressful car journeys

“Are we there yet?” Do tears, tantrums and constant questions like this haunt your family car trips? Nearly half of mums and dads admit their children’s […]
21st May 2020
Recovery services see spike in breakdown since lockdown has eased

Spike in breakdowns as lockdown eases

Itching to get back out on the road? Don’t let a breakdown stop you in your tracks… New figures have shown a 72% rise in car […]
19th May 2020
Maintaining vehicles during lockdown

Motorists warned to keep their cars maintained during lockdown

Have you left your car to sleep through lockdown? If so, it might need a little TLC before heading back out on the road… Experts are […]
15th May 2020
Drivers hang up car keys

1 in 6 drivers have hung up their car keys since lockdown

Have your car keys been gathering dust during lockdown? New research reveals how the Coronavirus has changed our approach to travel. A study of more than […]
13th May 2020
Cost of refuelling hits record low

Cost of refuelling reaches record low

Looking to refuel your car for less? Now’s your chance… The cost of filling up has dropped drastically for UK motorists, as oil prices continue to […]
8th May 2020
Driving with pets

Pet passengers make driving less stressful

Like to take your canine pal along for the drive? According to new research, travelling with pets could have more benefits than just good company. In […]
6th May 2020
Speed awareness courses go online during lockdown

Speed awareness courses go online during lockdown

Were you booked on a speed awareness course prior to lockdown? Drivers can now Zoom their way back to the road as courses go online. Drivers […]