New Bentley can compose a unique soundtrack to your drive

Bentley’s previews new AI generated music system

What would your daily commute sound like as a film score? Bentley can show you…

Luxury car manufacturer Bentley have partnered with an AI music company to create the world’s first adaptive in-car music system, producing a personalised soundtrack to your drive.

The system is not yet officially rolled out, but Bentley are hoping to have the technology ready for their first full battery electric vehicle in 2025.

A personalised soundtrack to your drive

Bentley have partnered with adaptive music company LifeScore to create music that adapts to your driving style in real-time.

The music will be mixed from a sound library of recordings from “world-class musicians”, playing both classical and contemporary instruments recorded in full surround sound at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

The technology uses complex algorithms based on engine rpm, acceleration and driving conditions, allowing more than 100 billion unique music tracks to be composed for a 60-minute drive.

According to Bentley, the way the music is layered and sequenced should mean minimal repetition.

Bentley says: “Using artificial intelligence, the software optimises the responses in creation of the music for the driver.

“The algorithms are designed to produce compositions that flow through themes and variations achieved by maximizing coherence, minimising repetition of cells and other AI techniques. Therefore, one hour’s worth of human-composed cells will generate practically unlimited hours of music.”

Free from distraction

Bentley claim the nature of their AI-generated, adaptive soundscapes will help to relieve drivers of the common distractions of music played over radio, by matching the tempo and volume of the music to your drive.

Rule 148 of the Highway Code outlines things drivers should avoid doing on the road to avoid distraction, including playing loud music. Playing music that could be deemed a distraction could land you with a fine of £100 and three points on your licence.

Bentley explains: “The signals from the vehicle create a unique sonic soundscape that responds to how and where the vehicle is being driven and under what conditions. Rather than listening to music to distract from travel, the vehicle is now able to compose an instrumental soundtrack to engage with the journey.”

The technology is the first of its kind in the industry, and recently won Business Cloud’s MediaTech Innovators award for 2021.

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