Thousands of new drivers have never driven at night

A third of accidents involving young drivers happen after dark

Does driving in the dark still fill you with dread? For thousands of new drivers, the prospect could lead to more than just nightmares…

Inexperienced drivers are putting lives at risk by failing to practise in the dark before they take to the roads alone.

The DVSA has revealed that a shocking 100,000 learners take their driving test without ever sitting behind the wheel at night.

Driving in the dark

According to recent figures, 18% of learner drivers admit to having no experience driving at night before they take their test.

Mark Winn, Chief Driving Examiner at the DVSA, is urging learners to get experience driving at night before they face the dark alone.

He said: “It’s essential that all learners gain experience of driving in the dark, whether it’s with their driving instructor or through private practice.”

Increased risk

Young drivers are the most likely to be involved in road accidents, with a third of all incidents involving young drivers in the UK happening at night.

However, driving in the dark is not a compulsory part of learning to drive, making it the learner’s responsibility to book evening lessons.

Driving in the dark increases risks for all motorists, with reduced visibility and oncoming headlights making hazards harder to identify and distances harder to judge.

There’s also the added challenge of learning to use full and dipped beam headlights correctly.

“Spotting hazards in reduced visibility is a skill built on experience,” Winn said. “The more time a learner spends practising in different conditions, the better prepared they will be for driving safely on their own.”

Feel less than confident on the roads after dark? Boost your confidence with our top tips for driving at night.

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