Why a Multicar policy could be best for you

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Do you have more than one car in your household? If the answer is yes, you could benefit from Multicar insurance policies, but how exactly does this work and in what ways can it be good for you?

We answer the key questions on your mind.

What is a Multicar policy?

A Multicar policy allows you to use just one insurer to provide car insurance for as many vehicles you like in your household. Several cars can be covered and linked together, making it easy to make changes in the future, such as a ‘change of address’, which may impact all policies.

This type of arrangement can suit families with multiple cars or drivers, couples who each own a car, people with more than one car, or people living in a shared house with multiple cars.

How does a Multicar policy work?

Multicar insurance works similarly to any other car insurance policy – it lasts for one year and you can spread the cost across 12 months with added interest (if eligible for a payment program).

Each car can have its own independent level of cover (such as business cover for one, or social and domestic use for another) and different levels of excess or ancillaries.

What are the benefits of a Multicar policy?

A Multicar policy is usually easy to manage. As all cars are covered under one insurance provider, you can save money when it comes to renewal as you’ll often get a discount for keeping all policies under one roof.

With a 1ST CENTRAL Multicar scheme, you can also benefit from saving some money. With 1ST CENTRAL, you, or anyone in your household, can get a £50 discount on each additional car you insure.

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