21st December 2023

London councils net close to £8.5m in pavement parking fines

In the 12 months leading up to November 2023, 32 London councils generated £8,442,086 from Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) issued to drivers who were parked on […]
19th December 2023

Drivers warned to keep their licence safe this Christmas

Make sure you take good care of your driving licence over this holiday period or you could find yourself a victim of identity theft.  More than […]
14th December 2023

Three-quarters of drivers put themselves in danger when broken down on motorways

A worrying 78% of drivers would choose to wait in the wrong place if their car broke down on the motorway.   Only a fifth of drivers […]
12th December 2023

Driving home for Christmas? These are the roads to avoid

The few days before Christmas are some of the busiest in the year and you might end up in standstill traffic depending on which road you […]
8th December 2023

The best gifts for car lovers

If you’ve got a car enthusiast in your life, and you don’t know what to get them for Christmas, check out these gifts for making petrolheads […]
7th December 2023

Drivers urged to avoid ‘Frantic Friday’ when travelling this Christmas

Driving home for Christmas can be a challenge if you leave it until the last minute. There’s a lot of traffic and the weather isn’t always […]
5th December 2023

UK car thefts hit an all-time high with keyless car tech to blame

Technological advances in recent years have led to handy inventions like keyless entry for cars. However, this has had the unintended side effect of making keyless […]
4th December 2023

A DIY guide to checking and repairing your car

Keeping a car can be expensive. But there are steps you can take which could save you some cash. Here are five simple car repairs and […]
30th November 2023

A third of drivers are ignoring red weather warnings for snow

Do UK drivers abide by weather warnings? If you think the answer is yes, you’ll be surprised to know you’re wrong. According to a recent study, […]
28th November 2023

How do speeding fines work?

Many drivers stray over the speed limit occasionally, some accidentally and some on purpose. A 2022 study by the UK Department for Transport found that 45% […]
23rd November 2023

Anti-braking speed cameras set for rollout in the UK

Are we entering a new age of speed camera tech? New anti-braking technology designed to catch drivers who brake suddenly before a speed camera or accelerate […]
21st November 2023

Skoda’s Citigo named UK’s most reliable car

New year, new car? If you want to buy yourself a new car in 2024, Skoda’s Citigo should be a top option. According to new data […]
16th November 2023

New two-way speed cameras to be installed across Britain

A new, advanced type of speed camera that doesn’t flash and can monitor traffic in both directions is being installed on UK roads.   Created by […]
14th November 2023

RAC deals with record number of third-quarter pothole breakdowns

The state of Britain’s roads appears to be getting worse year on year according to the latest RAC data. Have you noticed yourself driving around more […]
10th November 2023

Best cars for long road trips

If you’re planning a road trip, you’ll need a car that has space, endurance and those all-important home comforts to get you where you need to […]
9th November 2023

Winter upgrades: New weather station rollout for safer driving

Winter woes got you rethinking your festive road trip? National Highways have got you covered for a safer commute over the holiday season. The agency is […]
7th November 2023

Surge in number of drivers stealing fuel

According to new data, the number of fuel thefts from British petrol stations has risen sharply.  Thefts up 77% according to RAC  In response to a […]
2nd November 2023

CAM tech set to lift economy by £66 billion per annum

By 2040, connected and automated (CAM) technology could boost our economy by as much as £66 billion annually. According to a new report published by the […]
1st November 2023

Your guide to winter car checks

Having something go wrong with your car is never ideal. But when it’s cold, dark and wet and you’re sat on the side of the road […]
31st October 2023

Drivers at risk of £13,000 in fines this Halloween

The trend of decorating your car for Halloween has been growing in popularity, with #HalloweenCar racking up over 15 million views on TikTok. However, if you […]