Change your car tyres to save money on fuel

Man inflating his car tyre.

High fuel prices aren’t going away anytime soon, but a simple tyre change could make all the difference.

It’s no secret that fuel prices are soaring. For the past few months, drivers have been trying everything to save money on fuel, including skimping on the air con and avoiding long-distance journeys.

However, there’s one more thing that can help you save money, and it’s all about your tyres.

Think carefully about tyres

Manufacturing company Michelin has said that the condition and type of the tyres you have fitted to your motor could make a big difference to the amount of fuel you use.

They advise drivers of petrol and diesel cars to choose tyres that have ‘fuel economy’ as one of their main characteristics.

“Tyres that have ‘traction’ as their main characteristic will often have reduced fuel economy,” said Michelin. “Winter tyres and tyres for heavier vehicles such as SUVs and light trucks might not be the most fuel-efficient.”

According to Michelin, this simple swap could help you save hundreds of pounds and help you travel further between fill-ups.

Innovative tyres for EVs

For electric vehicles, Michelin is working on developing tyres that get the most out of each charge.

Cyrille Roget, Michelin group technical and scientific communication director said: “An improved tyre for EVs improves range twice. Once, with a better efficiency during normal acceleration and driving and second during regenerative braking.

“We have developed specific ranges to provide the best possible experience to our consumers and users of electrical vehicles, by delivering tyres that combine different innovations.”

Some improvements Michelin have made include:

  • reducing noise coming from the tyres
  • improving energy efficiency
  • extending tread life
  • increasing load capacity
  • improved handling technology

Michelin’s new electric car tyres are said to help drivers travel an extra 25 miles per 250-mile drive – a 10% improvement on today’s standard tyres.

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