19th October 2021
Smiling young woman driving

Cost is main reason youngsters are putting brakes on driving

Feel like there’s fewer young people behind the wheel these days? That’s probably because there are. The number of young people hitting the roads is declining, […]
14th October 2021
Ultra-Low Emission Zone sign in London

Scrappage scheme applications rejected as London’s ULEZ expansion approaches

Prepared for the Ultra-Low Emission zone (ULEZ) expansion in London later this month? Or are you one of the thousands of motorists who’ve had your application […]
12th October 2021
New camera charge to catch people driving in the 'X' lane

New motorway cameras could fine you £100 for ignoring closed lanes

Don’t ignore the red ‘X’ on smart motorways, National Highways warns in its latest crackdown. A new automatic camera charge has been announced to catch people […]
11th October 2021
Brain scanning on computer during Ford study

Brain research to help identify drivers losing concentration at wheel

Would you appreciate a gentle nudge when you’re starting to switch off while driving? Well it could soon be a possibility, as one car firm has […]
10th October 2021
A finger pressing a button to start a self-driving car

Nearly half of Brits trust their own skills over driverless cars

How do you think your driving compares to that of a self-driving car? It seems almost half of British motorists reckon they’re better behind the wheel […]
7th October 2021
Smoke emissions from exhaust pipe in car

Leaded petrol is gone – will coal be next?

Remember leaded petrol – the fuel responsible for contaminating air, dust, soil, water and crops for most of a century? After Algeria became the last country […]
6th October 2021
A young person putting an L plate on their blue car

Learner drivers paying the price of ongoing test backlog

Are you still waiting for a driving test due to the ongoing backlog? It seems you’re not alone. New research reveals that some learner drivers are […]
23rd September 2021
Damage to cars overlooked by owners

Over 14m UK cars affected by damage ignored by owner

You shouldn’t have to look too closely to spot scuffs, dents and scratches on the UK’s vehicles it seems – as more than two in five […]
21st September 2021
Close up of a UK driving licence

Driving licences to go digital by 2024

The Transport Secretary has confirmed plans to make digital driving licences available by 2024. Provisional licences will move on to a new DVLA app as part […]
16th September 2021
Woman singing in a car

Bohemian Rhapsody tops the driving anthems charts

Brits have voted for Queen’s six-minute operatic-rock classic Bohemian Rhapsody as their favourite track to listen to while behind the wheel. Freddie Mercury and company fought […]
14th September 2021
Young woman paying for car parking

Cash is number one choice for parking payments despite the pandemic

Cash is king when it comes to paying for parking, at least for now. A survey by the AA found that 46% of drivers prefer to […]
11th September 2021
Fuel pumps at a service station

Drivers ‘breathe sigh of relief’ as petrol prices drop for first time this year

Sick of rising petrol prices? Our luck might just be in, as new figures reveal they dropped marginally last month for the first time this year. […]
9th September 2021
Busy smart motorway M25

Smart motorways to be made safer

How confident do you feel using so-called ‘smart’ motorways? It seems safety improvements are finally being made to stretches of smart motorway in England, road bosses […]
8th September 2021
Pothole damaged road

Mercedes develop technology to warn other drivers about potholes in the road

Have you ever dreamed of a sat nav for speed bumps or to plan your route based on potholes? Your wish might have just come true. […]
6th September 2021
Exhaust pipe on an older car with a diesel engine

Petrol and diesel ban 2035: what does it mean for you?

The sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be banned in 2030, before the 2035 deadline for all vehicles to be fully zero-emissions […]
2nd September 2021
Petrol pump for super E10 petrol

Drivers unaware of E10 petrol roll-out

Did you know a new type of petrol has been introduced at UK forecourts? It seems as many as a quarter of drivers are unaware that […]
26th August 2021
New car production line

EV uptake on the rise while UK car production plummets

Car-makers are blaming micro-chip shortages, increased shipping costs and the aptly-named ‘pingdemic’ for scuppering UK car production. Car manufacturing took a fall of 37.6% in July […]
25th August 2021
A car key being handed over to a buyer

Used car prices reach record-breaking level due to high demand

Would you consider buying a used car? It seems supply issues in the new car market are leading buyers to seek second-hand options, pushing up their […]
21st August 2021
Older couple driving in open-top car

Most older drivers plan to drive for as long as possible

How long do you hope to be driving for? New research suggests the majority of older motorists have no plans to give up their licence and […]
19th August 2021
Woman wears Covid-19 mask while driving.

How to minimise Covid risk when travelling in shared cars

Planning a long-overdue road trip soon, but still keen to urge as much caution as possible? New research has unearthed the best ways to reduce Covid-19 […]