Why messy cars are driving us up the wall

Messy car_1st CENTRALUK drivers are a messy bunch. From discarded food wrappers to sweaty gym clothes, there are some absolute horrors lurking inside the nation’s vehicles.

The extent of the filth is so bad that 40% of us don’t offer friends or colleagues a lift because we’re so ashamed of the mess.

A survey by OSV shows that 27% of drivers only clean the interior of their car once a year, while 88% blame the mess on their children (it’s always their fault, isn’t it?). Even worse, 15% of us mucky pups have never cleaned the interior of our cars at all.

And women are the worst culprits when it comes to car cleanliness, with 48% admitting their car is messy compared with 35% of men.

We can’t even be bothered to rectify the situation either. We’re so lazy that 79% of us would rather pay a professional valeter than attempt to sort out the mess ourselves.

Common clutter found in cars

Ancient CDs
While you once had Spandau on repeat, your tastes have changed over the years. There’s got to be a better use for your glove compartment than stacking up CDs you no longer listen to – or even remembered you had.

Bag of mints untouched since 1993
You may not get the minty fresh breath you hoped you would from that pack of glacier mints. Check the use-by date – you might want to call into your local shop to replace them with something from this century.

Dirty gym kit
Have you noticed a slight whiff in the air of late? Well, that could be because your smelly gym kit has been festering in your car for weeks. Don’t be a stranger to the washing machine.

Kids’ toys
If you’re the parent of young children, you’ll know that toys get everywhere, including cars. Toys with loose or small parts only end up getting lost under seats – making them even harder to tidy up.

We all like to be prepared in case of a breakdown, but some of us have more tools and equipment than Bob the Builder. While some items can be removed to make room for the weekly shopping, there are some that everyone should carry with them:

5 essentials to keep in your car

  • Tyre pump
  • De-icer for winter
  • First aid kit and emergency supplies
  • Torch
  • Owner’s manual

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