May 2019

31st May 2019

Top 5 tips to become an eco-friendly driver

With climate change high on the agenda these days a lot of people are asking the same question…what can I do to help? One way you […]
29th May 2019

Vehicle checks reveal half of used cars have horrible histories

Are you looking to buy a used car? Well, if the latest figures from RAC Vehicle History Checks are anything to go by, you could be in […]
28th May 2019

A handy guide to hiring a car abroad in 2019

Overseas holidays are a great opportunity to explore new lands, embrace new cultures, and hit new roads. But hiring a car in a foreign country isn’t […]
27th May 2019

Cars to be banned from school roads

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know there are few places more hectic than the road outside the school gates at the start and end of each […]
24th May 2019

Revealed: Most reliable car brands

You get what you pay for, right? Or at least that’s what the old saying would have us believe. But a new survey suggests that in […]
18th May 2019

Phone detectors set to be used by police

Police have revealed a new phone detector system that aims to warn drivers against using mobile phones while driving. Two forces in England are initially using […]
13th May 2019

Driver caught with 51 points on licence

Police have seized the car of a “prolific road traffic offender” who had amassed a whopping 51 points on his license and had been disqualified from […]
11th May 2019

We’ll never tire of good tyre advice

If you noticed that your car door wasn’t closing properly you wouldn’t leave it would you? Well, this should be the same for your tyres too. […]
10th May 2019

Drivers not keen on green

How far would you go to make your transport choices eco-friendlier? Would you buy an electric car? Take the train more? Or maybe even give up […]
9th May 2019

Revealed: Most dangerous day to drive

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous day to drive on the roads is? Well, after looking at 1ST CENTRAL’s accident data from 2016 to 2018, […]
3rd May 2019

Paid by the pothole

We all know driving’s expensive. Whether it’s road tax, parking fees or simply topping up at the petrol station, the cost of motoring can soon build […]
1st May 2019

Social media addiction putting UK drivers at risk

How often do you find yourself checking social media for the latest celebrity tweets or Instagram posts? Once a day? Maybe a couple of times an […]