Are you a winner of our Guess the famous egg competition? Find out below…

Day 1

Correct answer: Donald Trump

Winners name: Carole De Asha

Location: Liverpool

Entered via: Facebook

Day 2

Correct answer: Harry Potter

Winners name: Kelly Jo Walters

Location: London

Entered via: Instagram


Day 3

Correct answer: Albert Einstein

Winners name: Justin Swainson

Location: Salford

Entered via: Twitter


Day 4

Correct answer: Elvis Presley

Winners name: Evette Gabriella Williams

Location: Gloucester

Entered via: Facebook


Day 5

Correct answer: Sia

Winners name: Louise Gardener

Location: Caerphilly

Entered via: Instagram


Day 6 –

Correct answer: Ed Sheeran

Winners name: Carol Chambers

Location: Erith

Entered via: Instagram


Day 7

Correct answer: Queen Elizabeth II

Winners name: Emma Masters

Location: Saint Austell

Entered via: Facebook


Didn’t win this time? At 1ST CENTRAL we love a competition so rest assured there will be plenty more over the course of 2018!

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