May 2022

31st May 2022

Nearly 20 million car journeys will be made over the Platinum Jubilee weekend

Got any plans for the Platinum Jubilee weekend? According to RAC Breakdown, an estimated 19.5 million trips will be made over the long weekend, creating heavy […]
26th May 2022

Ford is named the UK’s favourite car brand

What’s your go-to car brand? Online auction specialist BPI set out to name the UK’s 10 most popular car brands. Here’s the results… The UK’s favourite […]
24th May 2022

New intelligent headlights make driving at night safer

Does driving on unlit roads at night fill you with dread? Ford’s new headlight technology could be your saviour. Using GPS tracking data to predict bends […]
20th May 2022

Four ways to drive more economically

From increased fuel prices to soaring household bills, the high cost of living is impacting many in at least one way or another. To save money, […]
19th May 2022

Seven car noises you need to listen out for

Ever heard your car making weird noises but not sure what it means? Even though you might just want to ignore the problem, it’s better for […]
13th May 2022

How well do you maintain your car? Take the quiz

Do you know how to check your tyre pressures? Or what to do if a dashboard warning light comes on? A new quiz tests whether you’re […]
10th May 2022

MOT test every two years is an ‘irresponsible’ idea

What do experts think of the government’s idea to double the MOT test interval to every two years? According to fleet manages and industry experts, it’s […]
6th May 2022

High fuel prices put a halt on staycation plans

It seems making the most of summer might be easier said than done this year. The increased cost of living combined with high fuel prices is […]
4th May 2022

Noise cameras could be coming to a street near you

Have you ever been irritated by an exhaust? Angered by the sound of an engine? Your prayers may be answered by a plan, announced by the […]