GEM urges drivers to keep their pets safe this summer

It is illegal to leave your pet in a car on a hot day

OK, we don’t want to jinx anything… but it’s starting to feel like summer’s here. If it immediately started raining outside after you read that, we’re sorry.

With sunnier, longer days often come road trips and days out with the family. If your family includes a pet or two, and they’re coming for a ride, we have some advice that’s well worth reading.

GEM Motoring Assist has put together a simple, short, summer checklist for anyone planning on driving with their pet(s) in the car. Remember, it’s illegal to leave any animal in a hot car, so this advice isn’t just to keep your pet safe and happy, it’s to keep you out of trouble too.

The first piece of advice is pretty simple…

If it’s too hot, leave your pet at home
If you’re worried about your pet’s safety, and don’t have to travel with them, leave them at home. It’ll be much cooler and much safer for them there.

But, what about those trips where your pet does hop in the car?

Bring water
Don’t skimp on the water, always bring more than enough. Your pet will need to stay hydrated and stay cool, so plenty of the wet stuff and a bowl is a must.

Keep your pet restrained
Whether you keep Fido in a travel basket or buckle him in with a dog seatbelt, make sure he’s restrained for the journey. A loose pet in the car can be dangerous for everyone.

Stop if you have to
If you’re worried about your pet getting hot, find a sensible place to stop and let them get out, sit in the shade and enjoy some more water.

GEM mentions that dogs don’t sweat like we do, so you may not be able to notice just how hot they are. So, on a particularly hot day, plan some stops either way just to be safe.

If you’re worried your dog is suffering from severe heat exhaustion, go immediately to a vet.

Look out for others
GEM advises that if you spot an animal stuck in a car on a hot day, take action as soon as you can. If you can, write down the car’s info and ask for an announcement to be made (if by a shop for example). If not, contact the police.

Now, get out there and enjoy the sun while it lasts. Which will probably be for about five more minutes…

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