Vehicle repair delays continue

Mechanic holding wrenches for car repair

Need to repair your vehicle? Unfortunately, you may face a long wait time.

With delays on the manufacture of car parts persisting, the turnaround for accident repairs continues to look grim for UK drivers.

Supply chain problems mean that mechanics are struggling to keep up with demand and are unable to get their hands on many of the parts they need.

So, what exactly is the issue and which parts are affected?

Global factors at play in the supply chain conundrum 

The UK’s supply chain issues largely stem from international struggles.

Manufacturers in China were forced to close during the pandemic, contributing to a shortage of semiconductors (microchips) and other car parts needed for production. 

Today’s vehicles can be fitted with more than 1,000 microchips. Anything from the bumpers to wing mirrors may require them.

Without a ready supply of semiconductors on hand, mechanics are having to deal with long wait times for car parts to be delivered. 

Another problem affecting all insurers and repairers is the lack of courtesy vehicles available to replace yours when it is being fixed. Due to repairs taking longer than usual there’s a higher demand for courtesy vehicles which is driving a shortage.

What’s more, the Russia and Ukraine conflict has affected the production of wiring looms used in vehicle cabling systems, as many factories have had to close. 

Up to 700,000 vehicle builds have been delayed as a result. 

How long will the delays last? 

Manufacturers are doing their best to find alternative options to avoid huge production delays. 

Sadly though, global delays are expected to continue.

We at 1st CENTRAL are dedicated to helping our customers. If you’ve put in a claim for a car repair, rest assured that we’re doing what we can to work around the supply chain problem so you don’t have to wait longer than necessary.

We’ve turned to solutions such as mobile repair, non-original manufacturer/green parts and constructive total losses to help our customers get back on the road as quickly as possible.  

Need to make a claim or report an accident? Open your account to get in touch with us. 

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