Drivers prioritise comfort when buying a new car

Car interior

What do you look for in a new car?

According to a recent survey, price and comfort come top of the priority list for those looking to buy a new set of wheels.

Comfort is key

Citroën UK’s poll of 2,000 drivers found 45.4% of us have comfort in mind when searching for a new car – with seat comfort, legroom and ambient temperature having the biggest impact on our drive. 

However, it’s not all about the driver’s seat. A huge 85.2% of those who said comfort in the driver’s seat was important, also highlighted passenger comfort as a key priority when choosing a car.

Comfort came second overall in the survey, with price predictably remaining top of the list for nearly three quarters (74.5%) of new car buyers.

Souad Wrixen, Marketing Director for Citroen UK, said: “Despite the ongoing crisis, UK drivers are still spending almost six hours each week behind the wheel.

“Our research shows that over a third of motorists wish their cars were more comfortable, and at Citroën we’re committed to ensuring that comfort is a priority – covering a wide range of measures that help promote health and well-being.”

Buying during COVID

During the second lockdown period, beginning 5th November 2020, all car showrooms in England were forced to close. However, many dealers continued to offer online sales with contactless delivery options.

From 2nd December 2020, a new three-tier system will operate in England, allowing car dealerships to re-open for test-drives and sales.

In Scotland the rules are slightly different, with a four-tier lockdown forcing non-essential businesses, including car dealerships, to close in Tier 4 areas.

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