Top car accessories to give this Christmas

Here's your guide on everything you need to know about dash cams

Christmas is coming and what better way to spoil the motoring enthusiast in your life than treating them to some of these excellent car accessories?

Top car accessories

1. Seat back coat hanger

Your brother’s probably tired of turning up to the office with a creased suit jacket, so why not give him what he really needs and get him a seat back coat hanger? This neatly attaches to the back of the driver’s headrest, meaning he won’t have to simply throw his jacket on the backseat ever again!

2. Dash cam

While they might be a little more expensive than the other gift ideas on this list, a dash cam could make your car-driving loved one very happy indeed.

Honest John has put together a list of the Top 10 dash cams under £50, so take a look.

3. Car tissues

Is your loved one spending so much time in traffic they often just break down in tears behind the wheel? Well, hopefully not, but still – why not get them some special car tissues? They’re just like regular tissues only kept in a container that fits perfectly into your car’s cup holder. Ideal for the next time they spend their evening sitting in traffic on the M25.

4. Breathalyser

Don’t let your partner put themselves or others at risk on the road, give them their own personal breathalyser. It works just as well as the police version and tells drivers if they’ve had one too many mulled wines and whether they’re safe to drive. It fits easily into the driver’s door pocket, too, meaning they have no excuse not to use it.

5. Electrical charger adaptor

Has your sibling got one too many electrical items to plug into her car’s cigarette lighter? Well, you could help them out by buying an electrical charger adaptor so they can plug more than one item into the lighter. That means they’ll never again have to choose between charging their phone or sat nav.

6. Urine bottle

Got a mate that always seems to get caught short in traffic jams and ends up pulling off the road and finding the nearest bush to hide behind? With a unisex urine bottle, those days will be over. All they have to do is keep this in their glovebox and fish it out if they’re ever bursting during a jam — just make sure they remember to wash it out afterwards!

7. Car mirror squeegee

Is your co-worker a neat freak who likes everything to be spotlessly clean? Well, with a car mirror squeegee they can make sure that even their wing mirrors are spick and span. Having clean wing mirrors is key for staying aware of things around them on the road, so you’ll also be doing them a favour by keeping them safe.

8. De-icer glove

If your mum’s always complaining about having cold hands, then treat her to some de-icer gloves. These fleecy hand-warmers are perfect for keeping her hands (slightly) warmer while she’s out on the driveway defrosting the windscreen on a winter’s morning.

9. Air fresheners

Who doesn’t love a novelty air freshener for the car? If you’re struggling with stocking fillers this Christmas, why not consider a funky freshener? The days of pine tree or traffic light fresheners are long gone, meaning you can get the right one for your loved one, whether they’re into unicorns or Pokémon.

10. Nodding dog

Do your grandparents go on about how cars were better back in their day, and that car accessories haven’t progressed any further than nodding dogs? Well, why not surprise them by giving them just that: a nodding dog. The retro car accessories are back and it’s not just dogs: take your pick from everything from nodding minions to nodding Harry Potters.

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