Car theft up by 25% in 2022

Close up on car thief hand pulling the handle of a car.

Do you know where your car is right now?

You’ll want to keep a close eye on your vehicle as stats have found that car theft is on the rise.

Risk on the roads

New figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) – and released to the AA – have revealed that the total number of vehicle thefts increased from 104,435 in 2022 to 130,389 in 2023, an increase of 24.9%.

Thefts from vehicles also climbed up 9.9%, with almost 213,000 people having items stolen from their car or van. The ONS, however, has added that the true figure is likely to be higher.

Similarly, data collected under the Freedom of Information Act by AX Trak found that over the past three years, car thefts in some areas have increased by at least 50%, with the most cars stolen in London and the West Midlands.

Steps for safety

AA Insurance Services MD, Guy Park said: “These figures are in danger of getting out of control. This would have significant cost implications, both in terms of the impact to wider society as well as the price policy holders pay.

“We urge police chiefs and crime commissioners across the country to create an action plan to crack the issue.”

The AA has also warned that criminals have developed advanced techniques to get access to cars, including relay theft, key cloning and signal blocking.

As a result, experts are advising drivers to use a physical steering wheel lock for a more traditional security approach. Keeping valuables hidden away or storing them outside of vehicles should also deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle.

“There is no one thing that can guarantee keeping your car safe from theft, but just making it a bit harder for the thieves can make it less likely that they’ll go for your car,” adds Guy Park.

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