28th September 2019

Is your number plate about to become illegal because of Brexit?

As if there isn’t already enough uncertainty around what a post-Brexit world might look like, the government has now issued a warning that should the UK […]
27th September 2019
Sunday drivers are most likely to speed

Drivers are most likely to speed on Sundays

Racing back for work on a Sunday evening, or nipping to the takeaway on a Wednesday night? New data reveals the days and times UK motorists […]
26th September 2019
Driving in wet weather can be rather frightening check out our top tips to ensure you get to your destination safely.

Top tips for driving in wet weather

One of the biggest downsides of living in the UK has got to be the tumultuous weather; one day it can be blistering sunshine, the next […]
25th September 2019
Are newborns at risk in car seats?

Are parents putting their newborns at risk by using car seats?

You’ve strapped them in, secured the belt and faced the car seat away from the airbag. But could your newborn still be at risk? According to […]
23rd September 2019
Is Yorkshire home to the UK’s worst drivers?

Where do the worst drivers in the UK live?

Are you living amongst the UK’s worst drivers? There’s no need to wonder anymore as a new survey is naming and shaming the towns with the […]
20th September 2019
Essential maintenance checks to keep your car roadworthy and legal to drive.

Is your car roadworthy?

How often do you check your brake fluid? Come on, be totally honest… Making sure your car is roadworthy and keeping on top of your car’s […]
18th September 2019
The most efficient way to stop drink-driving has come into question

Drink-drive deaths soar

The number of people killed on Britain’s roads in drink-drive related crashes has hit an eight-year high, although authorities have dismissed the rise a ‘not important’ […]
16th September 2019
Post-brexit motoring changes look to impact those using a UK driving licence in Ireland.

No-deal Brexit could mean UK driving licences are invalid

If you’re thinking about taking a road trip across Europe post 31st October, your driving licence might not be valid. That’s the warning from the Government, which […]
16th September 2019
Here's your guide on everything you need to know about dash cams

Everything you need to know about dash cams

Dash cams are for everyone – whether you’re heading five minutes down the road or taking on a mammoth commute, that’s why having a dash cam […]
13th September 2019
Check out our top tips for driving this autumn.

Top tips for driving this autumn

In the blink of an eye, summer’s drawing to a close. Even if you’ve had your eyes shut since May, you wouldn’t have missed much, as […]
12th September 2019
Figures show speeding prosecutions are at a six-year high

Driver caught speeding at 110mph due to needing ‘a number two’

What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard for someone breaking the speed limit? Racing home to watch EastEnders? Or maybe realising they’d left the straighteners plugged in? […]
9th September 2019
Children's car seats have more harmful bacteria than toilet seats.

Revealed: Children’s car seats are dirtier than toilet seats

Children are the most precious cargo you can have in your car, but a new study by Leasing Options has revealed a rather grim truth about […]
6th September 2019
Check out our Great British Road Trip guide on all the amazing places we've been visiting this summer

The Great British Road Trip

It’s been a great summer, granted the weather could’ve been better at times, but on the whole, it’s been one that we’ll never forget. Like many, […]
3rd September 2019
No-idling zones tackle air pollution are going to be introduced in Greater Manchester

Could ‘no idling zones’ soon tackle air pollution in Greater Manchester?

What if you could be fined for dropping your kids off outside the school gates? Well, that could soon be a reality for some Greater Manchester […]
2nd September 2019
Your guide to the best things to do in Blackpool.

Your guide to the best things to do in Blackpool

While it might not have the same charm as its southern counterparts, Blackpool is still a hugely popular seaside destination in the UK, pulling in a […]
1st September 2019
Want to know what your licence plate means? check out our ultimate guide

Your guide to car number plates

It’s that time of the year again! New number plates were launched in the UK on 1st September, meaning some of you will soon be driving off […]