August 2019

30th August 2019

Call for ‘zero tolerance’ after drink driver caught 4x over legal limit

A 37-year-old motorist has been banned from driving after being caught four times over the drink-drive limit – prompting calls from safety campaigners for stricter rules. […]
28th August 2019

NHS rip off cancer patients with hospital parking

Despite being exempt, cancer patients are still being forced to pay NHS parking, five years after hospitals were urged to make car parks free for frequent […]
26th August 2019

Top 10 fuel-efficient cars of 2019

We all like to save a bit of cash here and there, so why not look to buy a car that will help you do that […]
22nd August 2019

Your guide to the best things to do in Bath

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that has oodles of history and charm, then the quaint city of Bath is the perfect destination for you. […]
21st August 2019

‘Most unusual’ vehicle causes a stir on M25

Have you ever seen a car made of fibre glass and duct tape? Neither had the stunned traffic officer who pulled over a homemade 3-wheeler cruising […]
19th August 2019

Potholes are causing havoc on UK roads

How often do you find yourself complaining about the state of the roads in your local area? Every month? A few times a week? Maybe when […]
17th August 2019

Your guide to the best things to do in Newcastle

Newcastle is the perfect northern destination for a weekend city break. It’s compact. There’s great local food, the drinking scene is unrivalled and the Geordies themselves […]
16th August 2019

Top tips to avoid becoming a victim of insurance fraud

Insurance fraud has been around for a long time. We all know someone – a family member, friend or colleague – who has fallen victim to […]
14th August 2019

Your guide to the most reliable family cars

When shopping for a family car, reliability has to be a top priority. To help you out, we’ve taken a look at WhatCar’s 2018 reliability survey […]
13th August 2019

Revealed: The real victim of insurance fraud

Car insurance fraud is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, there’s been a 45% increase in the last year according to CIFAS. Worryingly, it seems […]
13th August 2019

Online game lets drivers experience dangers of mobile phone use

Kwik Fit has launched a new online game to demonstrate the destructive pitfalls of using mobile phones while driving. Placing drivers in a virtual car, the […]
12th August 2019

What is insurance fraud?

In 2017, over half a million insurance fraud cases were detected. These varied from making false statements on an application for cover to making a dishonest […]
12th August 2019

Drivers having to pay out £200K an hour in fines

Drivers in the UK were hit with an astonishing £1.6 billion in council fines last year, with campaigners calling the penalties ‘grossly unjust’. This works out […]
11th August 2019

Your guide to the best things to do in Bristol

Who wouldn’t want to head to Bristol for a long weekend? This beautifully unique city truly encompasses everything it means to be British – from its […]
9th August 2019

Driver let off for using phone could trigger law change

A driver found guilty of using his mobile phone to video an accident has had his conviction overturned in a controversial court case. The High Court’s […]
7th August 2019

Tesla drivers to catch up on Netflix from behind the wheel

Where’s your favourite place to catch up on the best Netflix shows or watch the latest updates from all those popular YouTube vloggers? Maybe you prefer […]
2nd August 2019

Your guide to the best things to do in London

London – the capital of England and home to over 13 million people from across the globe. It’s no wonder that this exploding metropolis is one […]