11 road rules you’ll need to know before driving on holiday


Doing this in Japan could see you get hit with a fine

It’s almost time for the summer holidays, and you might be thinking about going away. But do you know the rules of the road in different countries? Here are some of the things you need to bear in mind if you’re driving to your destination or hiring some wheels overseas.


As a show of courtesy, it’s illegal to splash pedestrians while driving. So, if you come to a puddle on the road, you have to slow down so you don’t cover pedestrians in muddy water. If you do splash someone, you could be hit with a fine of around £100.


One requirement in France is that all drivers must carry a breathalyser. Not so strange given the abundance of wine and cheese tastings across the country. You’ll also need to pack reflective jackets, a warning triangle and a spare bulb kit.

If you breakdown on a motorway in France, you’ll need to pay a fee to be towed. Motorways in France are privately owned and, depending on the time and day you break down, you’ll need to pay at least £107 to have your vehicle towed.

South Africa 

If you’re travelling as part of a group in South Africa you’ll need to be careful, as driving in convoy at the weekend could see you get hit with a fine of £20.


It’s illegal in Cyprus to eat or drink anything at all while driving, whether it contains alcohol or not, so make sure you’ve eaten before you set off for your destination.


Driving topless in Thailand can see you landed with a fine of around £6, but it could also see you jailed as well, so it’s best to just keep your top on when driving.

You’ll also need to have a full printed licence as well as a digital version when driving in Thailand, or you could be charged £1,000.

United States of America 

There are two states with particularly interesting rules, both on the west coast.

In Oregon, if you’re loading or unloading your vehicle, with people or your luggage, you need to be quick about it. There’s a fine of up to £200 for leaving your car door open too long.

California has some rules about what you can wear behind the wheel. For example, it’s illegal to drive in a bathrobe, so make sure you’re fully dressed before you get behind the wheel!

When you go on holiday, make sure you check out the driving rules in mainland Europe.