12 Days of Christmas 2017 Winners

Are you a winner of our 12 Days of Christmas Bonanza? Find out below…


Day 1 – Snap!

Correct answer:  Ronnie 1 and 4

Winners name: Zoe Spinner

Location: Essex

Entered via: Facebook


Day 2 – Missing Ingredient

Correct answer:  Ground ginger

Winners name: Maggie Drummond

Location: Fife

Entered via: Twitter


Day 3 – Reindeer Races

Correct answer:  Blitzen

Winners name: Krista Cresswell

Location: Rugby

Entered via: Facebook


Day 4 – Word Search

Correct answer:  Rudolph, Dasher, Vixen and Cupid

Winners name: Fay Norris

Location: Hastings

Entered via: Instagram


Day 5 – Finish the Lyric

Correct answer: Five Gold Rings

Winners: Sarah Rowland (Instagram), Francessa Montecalvo (Facebook), Laura Moore (Facebook), Linda Turner (Twitter) and Rachael Towersey (Facebook)


Day 6 – Guess Who?

Correct answer: Ed Sheeran

Winners name: Katrina Marie

Location: Stoke on Trent

Entered via: Facebook


Day 7 – Christmas Trivia

Correct answer: Green

Winners name: Calum Vann

Location: Isle of Lewis

Entered via: Instagram


Day 8 – Mirror Mirror

Correct answer: Sleigh 1

Winners name: Jodie Frame

Location: Larkhall

Entered via: Instagram


Day 9 – Where’s Santa’s Hat?

Correct answer: B2

Winners name: Claire Bilson

Location: Dunston

Entered via: Facebook


Day 10 – Driving Home for Christmas

Correct answer: Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Winners name: Paul Towers

Location: Macclesfield

Entered via: Facebook


Day 11 – Solve the Christmas Tree?

Correct answer: 48

Winners name: Marie Mannings

Location: Gravesend

Entered via: Facebook


Day 12 – Where’s Santa?

Correct answer: Iceland

Winners name: Margaret Dunlop

Entered via: Twitter


Didn’t win this time? At 1ST CENTRAL we love a competition so rest assured there will be plenty more over the course of 2018!

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