30th December 2015

Phone-drivers risk new £150 fine

Can’t kick the illegal habit of using a hand-held phone at the wheel? Well, obvious dangers aside, you now face a £150 fine under new Government […]
21st December 2015

Calls for UK-wide drink-driving limit

Nearly seven out of 10 people want to see a standard UK-wide drink-driving limit re-introduced. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all had the same limit […]
8th December 2015

Survey reveals the bad habits that stop us car sharing

Many of us have laughed at Peter Kay’s antics. But now the Bolton comedian is helping to fuel a serious debate on one of the hottest […]
30th November 2015

Revealed: Weirdest road spillages ever!

Why did 6,000 chickens cross the road? No, it’s not a joke. And it was certainly no laughing matter for motorists when a big brood of […]
23rd November 2015

Driver wins battle against speeding ticket blunder

It’s bad enough receiving a speeding ticket. But imagine how much worse you would feel if you knew your vehicle was not even moving at the […]
16th November 2015

Our commute to work is getting longer

Many of you will know the feeling. You’ve spent over an hour getting into work. You arrive tired, clammy and feeling more in need of a […]
9th November 2015

What to do if you make a fuel faux pas

Driving blunders don’t come much more embarrassing than putting petrol in your diesel tank. Or vice versa. Nightmare! But it was Asda that was recently left […]
4th November 2015

Everyone needs good neighbours

An Englishman’s home may be his castle, but he’s equally possessive about his parking space, it seems. This is because angry parkers have replaced nosey parkers […]
26th October 2015

Parents to sit in on driving lessons

Thought your driving lesson days were over? Or perhaps – if you haven’t yet passed your test – your worst nightmare is the thought of your […]
19th October 2015

On your marks for the battle of the Bond cars

Which Bond car is quickest? While many of these top-of-the-range motors may be out of reach for most young drivers, it’s an argument that’s raged for […]
8th October 2015

Why it’s time to brush up on the Highway Code

Think about it – how many times have you looked at the Highway Code since passing your driving test? Those of you who have are in […]
1st October 2015

Why messy cars are driving us up the wall

UK drivers are a messy bunch. From discarded food wrappers to sweaty gym clothes, there are some absolute horrors lurking inside the nation’s vehicles. The extent […]
18th September 2015

Dashboard warning lights: what do they all mean?

Like the best football referees or cricket wicketkeepers, the less you notice your dashboard warning lights, the better they’re working. They’re there to alert us to […]
2nd September 2015

From wardrobe to car

We know from our own research that space is at a premium and it seems UK drivers are giving their clothes the boot, with nearly half […]
19th August 2015

Do you know the rules about child car seats?

We all want our children to be safe on every car journey. But how many of us actually know the rules on child car seats? A […]
31st July 2015

The new drug-driving laws explained

In March this year, a new law came into force to prevent drug-driving in England and Wales. It included eight illegal drugs and some prescription drugs, […]
24th July 2015

Toy story is not just child’s play

You never forget your first car – especially if it’s a toy car. Millions of us were brought up on the likes of Matchbox and Scalextric. […]
9th June 2015

Cities could be the road to weight gain

Live in the inner cities? Did you know you could be losing the fight against the flab before you even think of ordering a giant delivery […]
3rd June 2015

Meet the wheel that stops you nodding off

Ever wished you had a device to stop you nodding off behind the wheel? Well, that dream could become a mass-produced reality within years. It’s all […]
26th May 2015

Driver dads go Gaga for car-aoke

OK, so there are fewer things more embarrassing for kids than dads trying to be “with it” – especially when it comes to fashion and music. […]