1st CENTRALS’s Hoppy’s Worldwide Egg-venture – Winners

Day 1 – Italy

Answer: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Winner: Marie Mannings

Entered via: Facebook


Day 2 – Egypt

Answer: The Pyramids of Giza

Winner: Simon Knuckley

Entered via: Facebook


Day 3 – India

Answer: Taj Mahal

Winner: Amanda Coffman

Entered via: Instagram


Day 4 – China

Answer: Great Wall of China

Winner: Naomi Jane

Entered via: Twitter


Day 5 – Australia

Answer: Sydney Opera House

Winner: Bridget Fordham

Entered via: Facebook


Day 6 – USA

Answer: Statue of Liberty

Winner: Claire Nutman

Entered via: Facebook


Day 7 – Canada

Answer: Niagara Falls

Winner: Clare McDermott

Entered via: Twitter


Mystery Prize – £100 Visa gift Card

Winner: Ali Thorpe

Entered via:Facebook

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