The most (and least) reliable family cars

The survey found diesel Honda Civics are the most reliable cars on the road

Reliability is a key priority when on the hunt for new wheels for the family. Fortunately, What Car? has you covered with its 2018 Reliability Survey…

The most reliable cars on the market are…

1. Used Honda Civic, diesel

Score: 97.1%

The Civic is the survey’s clear winner when it comes to reliability, with just 11% having required a repair. All remained driveable and were back on the road the same day.

The poll also found that two-thirds of the Civics that did have a fault were fixed for free!

2. Lexus CT 200h

Score: 93.8%

Even though more than one in six (16%) of CT owners surveyed admitted to having a fault, none of these were noted as being major and not one took more than a week to fix.

3. Used Hyundai i30

Score: 91.5%

Just 11% of i30s had reliability issues, relating only to the engine and gearbox/clutch.

4. Used Toyota Prius

Score: 89.5%

Strong and robust – only 17% of the Toyota hybrid are noted as having problems.

5. Used Peugeot 308, diesel

Score: 88.6%

Diesel Peugeots produced between 2007 and 2013 experience very few faults. Of those that do, a third are fixed in less than a day, with only a small number of repair bills exceeding £1,000.

The least reliable cars on the market are…

1. Alfa Romeo Giulietta, diesel

Score: 39.8%

According to the survey, the Giulietta diesel models are the most unreliable family car on the road, with more than half experiencing faults and 40% being rendered un-driveable for more than a week. The only silver lining is that the repair bills were relatively low, with none exceeding £200 for an individual fault.

2. Used Seat Leon, diesel

Score: 40.0%

Almost four in 10 (39%) of Leons have had a problem; suspension issues being the most common complaint.

3. Used Ford Focus diesel

Score: 44.9%

More than half (54%) of diesel Focus drivers say they’ve had a fault, with more than a third (37%) saying the car has been un-driveable.

4. Used Vauxhall Astra

Score: 56.0%

Around 44% of petrol and diesel Astras have had a repair issue, however, the majority have remained driveable and fixed in less than a week.

5. Used Volkswagen Golf, diesel

Score: 58.7%

Diesel cars produced between 2009 and 2012 and affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal have experienced problems with their engines and engine electrics, as well as their fuel and exhaust systems.

Astonishingly, almost half of Golf drivers say their car has been rendered un-driveable at some point due to a repair issue, and almost three in 10 drivers have had to pay out between £750 and £1,500 to get it back on the road.

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