Would you fail your driving test if you took it today?

Woman’s hands on steering wheel
A new survey shows a shocking 80% of drivers would fail their driving test if taken today, thanks to years of bad driving habits.

The findings from Cobra call for a refresher course on driving lessons, with 90% of UK drivers admitting they were taught things in their driving lessons that they don’t remember now. 

A spokesperson for Cobra said: “This research highlights just how relaxed drivers have become, picking up bad habits and lacking in awareness.”

Poor driving habits

The study revealed that 39% of drivers steer with one hand, 34% routinely drive too fast, and 26% fiddle with the radio while they should be concentrating on the road ahead.

A quarter of drivers admitted to not checking their mirrors and 15% to not indicating when turning left or right.

Worryingly, 82% confirmed that they have recently made a mistake on the road that could have led to an accident.

Knowledge gaps around driving

When it comes to parking, the findings show that one in four drivers can’t parallel park and 19% have issues when they try to reverse into a space.

A relatively low 9% find it impossible to do a three-point turn and 12% struggle to park within the lines of a standard parking bay.

Researchers also tested drivers by showing them a series of standard road signs; 29% of them were unable to identify a no-waiting sign, while 12% were baffled by the national speed limit marker.

The outcomes of the study raise cause for concern around the safety of our roads, with many of us failing the standard rules to pass driving tests today.

Even if you consider yourself a good driver, it’s best to brush up on the rules regularly to make sure you’re meeting the criteria for safe driving.

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