Drivers set for 98% roadwork-free journeys this bank holiday

Traffic flows freely on the M25

With some finally-improved weather expected over the upcoming bank holiday weekend, many of us are looking forward to a break.

And with almost 11 million leisure trips predicted to take place over the long weekend, research suggests our roads are in for a busy one.

98% roadwork-free

Finally some good news! Highways England says almost all of the roads it operates will be free of roadworks over the bank holiday – with around 900 miles of works either completed or suspended.

Almost 7m trips are planned in over the course of the weekend, RAC’s research of 1,100 UK drivers found, with Saturday and Monday looking like the busiest days.

That’s not factoring in a further 3.6m journeys that drivers are planning to make, but have not yet decided which days to travel on.

RAC patrol of the year Ben Aldous said: “Our research points to Saturday and Monday being the busiest days, but there’s a good chance the weather will have the final say as to how busy the roads get.

“A return to more typical late May temperatures and an end to the recent wind and rain could spark a sudden surge in journeys and mean some routes – especially those to the coasts and hills – start to clog up.”

Driver confidence returning

The gradual reduction in Covid cases across most parts of the UK appears to be helping drivers regain confidence to hit the roads.

Only 1 in 10 say the pandemic is the reason behind them not making bank holiday travel plans, compared with 25% who gave this reply over Easter.

Mr Aldous added: “With Covid restrictions gradually lifting and some better weather on the horizon at last, we’re anticipating large numbers of drivers to be venturing out and about over the bank holiday weekend.

“The fact only one-in-10 said they weren’t planning a trip because of the virus, down from a quarter over Easter, shows people now have more confidence to drive to see friends and family safely.”

Car checks

If you’re planning a car journey this bank holiday, it’s as important as ever to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before setting out – particularly if you’ve not been on a decent journey for some time.

Carrying out some essential car checks, including tyres pressure and fluid levels, could make all the difference, in what already promises to be a busy weekend for breakdown providers.

For a plain-sailing journey this bank holiday, follow our essential car check tips.

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