7 ways to keep kids entertained in the car

Young boy waving his hand outside a car window
“Are we there yet?” How many times have your kids asked you this question during a car ride?

On long car journeys or road trips – which you might be planning to make this summer – kids can get bored or tired very easily. For a stress-free journey, you need to make sure they’re entertained until they reach their destination.

To help out, we’re sharing seven things you can do to keep kids entertained in the car (you can thank us later).

1. Listen to audiobooks

It’s not always easy reading in a moving vehicle – some find it nauseating and others can’t always concentrate. But you can transport the little ones to another world by putting on an audiobook.

Choose from their favourite stories or something new – if you’ve got a long journey ahead, download more than one (or a series) so you can pack in as much as possible.

Get your kids involved before you set off by asking them what they’d like to listen to and have it good to go.

2. Switch on the gaming device

Let’s admit it, books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some kids prefer to be left to their gaming devices, which can keep them entertained for hours on end.

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch or other small handheld gaming device, bring it with you and give it to the kids to pick up and play as they please. Don’t forget to pack headphones so that no one else is distracted by the noise.

3. Pack travel-sized games

The best games aren’t always electronic,there are plenty of traditional options that come travel-sized. Games like Guess Who, Connect 4 and Battleships can be played in the back of the car or by the whole family during a rest stop.

Try packing a game that everyone knows so that you aren’t having to explain anything about the game while driving.

4. Pick up the car karaoke mic

Who doesn’t love a good karaoke session? Pop some songs on, turn the volume up (not loud enough to distract you from driving) and belt out your favourite tunes.

Don’t forget to bring the kids’ favourite CDs or the aux cord if needed and let everyone get their song requests in one at a time.

5. Bring the tablets

Screen time can be a big help during long car rides.

If you’ve got teens who want to be left alone, let them bring their tablets along for the journey so they can watch a movie by themselves.

You can also download educational games or videos for the younger kids to put their screen time to good use.

6. Play traditional car games

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…”

A game of I-Spy or road trip bingo is perfect for curious kids and encourages them to take in their surroundings. The driver can also get involved while keeping a close eye on the road ahead of them.

7. Stretch your legs

Staying in the car for the duration of a long car journey can make anyone restless. Stop where you can, to give everyone – including yourself – a moment to stretch their legs.

Grab some food at a service station or stop in a passing town or city to take in the sights. Kids can use the time to re-energise and it stops everyone from feeling tired when you arrive.

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