Driving to a summer festival

Driving to a festival has never been easier with these top tips

There are few better ways to celebrate the summer than a music festival. You just can’t beat the bright lights, amazing bands and the great atmosphere (and the filthy tents).

But while your mind may be focused on the line-up and counting down the days, there’s one other thing to think about – how you’re getting there.

If you’re planning on driving down to Boomtown (or any other festival that doesn’t sound as good in that rhyme), we’ve got some important words of advice to bear in mind.

Know your route
First and foremost, you’ve got to know your route and where you can stop for rests. Sometimes the shortest way may not be the easiest or quickest (if everyone else is taking it too).

If you’re using your phone or a sat-nav that can automatically change the route around bad traffic, you may be OK. But, just to be safe, try and have a plan B in mind, just in case the traffic is a bit of a nightmare.

Expect lots of luggage
If you let slip that you’re driving, expect a lot of requests from potential passengers. Having a few people in the car with you is no bad thing, but unfortunately, it’s not just people that you need to worry about… it’s their luggage.

Tents, clothes, food, drink, flags and odd inflatable stuff, it’s all got to fit in somehow. If your car is a little on the little side, make sure you let any passengers know that they can only bring a minimal amount of stuff with them.

It’s as good an excuse as any to give your car and boot a bit of a summer clear out, to make sure there’s nothing taking up space that you don’t need.

Don’t drive distracted
OK, so we said that having a few people in the car is no bad thing, and we stick by that, but it can come with a few issues. The big one? People can get pretty distracting.

Everyone’s excited and probably didn’t get much sleep the night before you set off. This, mixed with the inevitable energy drink/ coffee mocktail is a pretty risky combo. Make sure your passengers stay safe and know not to distract you.

Have a parking plan
Festivals are normally pretty good at helping us drivers out. If you’re planning on parking at the site itself, make sure you check the official website.

You’ll often have to pay for parking, and due to the size of these shows, you’ll be placed in one of many car parks. So, get your arrangement sorted in advance and find out exactly where you need to head on arrival.

Never drink and drive
If your last night at the festival doesn’t end until the next morning, obviously don’t drive straight away.

If you spent the night drinking, you most likely still have alcohol in your system and could be over the limit. Only start your journey when you know it’s safe and legal for you to do so.

One last thing, a drive to a festival is only as good as the playlist you make, but that one’s on you. So, don’t mess that up.

Oh, one last ‘one last thing’… pack wellies. It’s the British summer after all.

A road trip doesn’t have to be stressful. Honest. We even have some evidence.

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