Santa Claus supports MP’s bid for cheaper parking

Santa has back government plans to cut the cost of parking over the Christmas period.

Christmas has come early for one MP, with Santa Claus himself lending him a helping hand.

Well, a helping letter actually.

David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth, has said his bid to make it easier for councils in England to reduce parking costs over the hectic Christmas period even has the support of none other than Father Christmas.

The Parking Places (Variation of Charges) Bill doesn’t just roll off the tongue, it could also come as a welcome Christmas present to shoppers across the UK. The Bill looks to amend current legislation to allow councils to lower parking charges at short notice to help support town centres.

During the festive period, local authorities may need the freedom to reduce parking charges to help encourage potential shoppers to visit. Currently, changes to parking charges require 21 days of notice. The Bill looks to reduce that in time for Christmas.

While Santa Claus doesn’t really have the space to park his sleigh in a regular parking bay, he’s still come forward in support of the Bill. At least, according to Mr Tredinnick that is.

During the second reading of his proposal at the House of Commons, Mr Tredinnick outlined Santa’s support: “(My Bill), I understand, has not only the backing of the Government but also of Santa Claus.

“I had a note down my chimney last night and I’ll explain why.

“Because this Bill will be very helpful to local authorities, particularly at Christmas time – when cities and towns are full of shoppers and councils might want to reduce or waive altogether some on-street and off-street parking charges.”

The Bill passed its second reading unopposed, but still needs to get through a committee stage in the near future before being passed.

Mr Tredinnick will be anxiously working his way through his advent calendar, waiting to hear the final decision.

We asked Santa to comment, but unfortunately heard nothing back. Apparently he starts getting quite a few letters around this time of year…