Only 5% of drivers know this common street sign

View of street lined with trees in London

So, what does an ‘access only’ road sign look like?

Give yourself a pat on the back if you know the answer, because police have discovered that only 5% of drivers know what this common street sign actually means – suggesting most of us need to seriously up our game.

‘Access only’ blind spot?

Residents in Preston, a small village near Hull, recently complained to Humberside Police about vehicles being driven on access only roads. The ensuing investigation uncovered the alarming knowledge blind-spot of many local drivers.

Access only roads make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists by only allowing access to drivers visiting properties on to the road, but police found only 5% of motorists claim to understand the common road sign.

Humberside Police posted on its East Riding of Yorkshire South Facebook page: “Between 5 & 6 pm nearly 100 cars were stopped and only five had right of access.

“Horrified at the number of drivers who claimed not to know what a red circle with a car and bike inside meant!”

Putting road safety first

Traffic signs play a critical role in directing, informing and controlling

road users’ behaviour to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone, so it’s clearly essential for all drivers to know what road signs mean.

Changes to driving tests are also increasing the need for more road sign know-how. The independent driving section is increasing from 10 to 20 minutes, and learners have to follow a series of directions from either a sat nav or road signs.

Discover what other changes are being made to practical driving tests.

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