A simple fuel-saving hack for your Easter travels

Car with roof box

Road-tripping over the Easter weekend is popular throughout the UK, with families grabbing the opportunity to take some much-needed time away.

With extra luggage in tow for their holidays, Brits can prepare for busy roads and a pricey commute ahead.

But if you’re keen to save some pennies, there’s a way to do it without sacrificing your suitcase.

One simple trick can improve your car’s fuel economy, and all you need to do is a bit of reshuffling.

Rethink the roof box 

When you’re trying to squeeze as much luggage into your car as possible, a roof box or roof rack can come in handy.

The trouble though, is that these bulky rooftop items make your car less streamlined and more expensive to drive.

Whether your vehicle is powered by petrol, diesel or electricity, its overall weight and aerodynamics will have an impact on its fuel efficiency.

Cars are generally designed with a sleek and smooth exterior to reduce air resistance.

So, when you place a big box on the roof, the engine has to work much harder to move at the same pace, guzzling more fuel in the process.

By simply ditching the box up top, you can save yourself a packet at the pumps.

But if you really need that extra storage, at the very least remember to remove it when you arrive at your destination, or once you return home.

Often drivers forget to take the box off their vehicles, causing them an unnecessary fuel expense when it’s not even in use.

Other fuel-saving tips 

Your driving style can also help you save on fuel. Cruising on a motorway at 60mph instead of 70mph, for example, is far more economical.

If your car has a start and stop system – a function that turns the engine off automatically when stationary – you can save on fuel every time you pull up to a traffic light.

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