A dashcam mounted on the rearview mirror of a car

A dashcam can be a great Christmas gift for a car lover

If you’ve got a car enthusiast in your life, and you don’t know what to get them for Christmas, check out these gifts for making petrolheads happy this holiday season. 

Tech and tools 


Whether it’s a full-sized dashcam or a small, mirror-mounted camera, your car enthusiast friend is sure to appreciate this gift.  

Dashcams are useful tools and can be especially handy for car enthusiasts. They take a lot of pride in their cars, and often have high-end models, so the extra security a dashcam provides can set their minds at ease. 

Key finder 

Car lovers may be passionate about their vehicles, but that doesn’t mean they’re not forgetful. 

If you know someone who’s always forgetting where they put their keys, a key finder could be the perfect gift for them. The tag is connected to a smartphone app. When they mislay their keys, a simple tap of a button in the app will make the tag emit a loud beeping noise, making them easy to find. 

Tool kit 

Petrolheads love to tinker with their cars. And what better way to do that than with their very own toolkit? 

A complete set of sockets and spanners is a staple for anyone who loves working on their car. The car enthusiast in your life will be able to mess about with their car to their heart’s content, and they won’t even need any other tools. 


Driving days 

A driving day can be the perfect present for the car enthusiast in your life.  

Whether it’s a full day, half-day or even just an hour, they’ll have the time of their life. You can buy driving experiences for rally cars, sports cars and even Formula 1-style cars, whatever suits best. 

Track tour 

Going on a track tour can be the perfect gift for the petrolhead in your life.  

It’s an in-depth look at where the action happens, with plenty of photo opportunities and maybe even a demonstration if you’re lucky.  

Race day 

There are few things that compare to seeing a rally or a Formula 1 race in person. The atmosphere is great, making tickets to a race day a great ‘in advance’ gift to give over the holiday period. 


Car-cleaning kit 

All car lovers take pride in their vehicles, so why not make it even easier for them and gift a car-cleaning kit for Christmas? 

A good kit can last for years, so the car enthusiast in your life will be able to take impeccable care of their car for ages, all thanks to you.  

Novelty car stickers 

If you’re looking for a present that’s a little quirkier, try gifting some novelty car stickers.  

You can buy generic stickers for the rear window, or if you’re feeling daring, why not tailor them to fit your loved one’s personality? Just be careful the stickers are small enough not to obstruct the view, or it could result in a fine.  

Anti-glare sunglasses 

Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement. They can also be integral to being safe on the road.   

You might only think of wearing sunglasses in summer. But if you do enough driving, as your car enthusiast friends are sure to,  you’ll know that sunglasses are important year round. Whether it’s glare from the snow, a low-lying sun, or even the light glinting off a wet road, wearing anti-glare sunglasses can help keep drivers safe.