Which car is your dad

They say you are what you eat, but surely it’s also true that you are what you drive?

Ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday, the people at a nationwide car hire firm seem to think this too. Europcar has placed dads into four different categories in the run-up to Father’s Day.

Here are the four categories…

The Culture Vulture: This is the dad who likes the finer things in life, like opera, theatre, high-class luxury retreats or eating at swanky restaurants. But what car could suit such a character? Step forward, the Mercedes E-Class.

The James Bond wannabe: Is your dad the suave type who is more comfortable with a medium-dry vodka Martini in his hand than a pint of beer? Could you see him as a secret agent working undercover for MI6? Then which sports car would be right up his street? Try the Porsche Boxster.

The cool and hip type: This dad might not be the same age as you, but that won’t stop him trying to act it. He’ll have a designer wardrobe and probably all the latest sounds on his in-car playlist too. But what motor could pander to such a contemporary personality? The Audi A3 should do the trick.

The outdoor, rugged adventurer: You’ll probably get out of breath spending just five minutes with this all-action dad. If this Bear Grylls disciple isn’t surfing the Cornish waves one minute, he’s camping under the stars the next. That’s why he’d appreciate a 4×4 for the day and what better than Volvo’s XC90?

Which one is your dad?

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