Manchester to lower default speed limit to 20mph

20 mph speed limit sign

Live or drive in Manchester? You might notice traffic slowing down in the area as the speed limit is set to be reduced.

In an attempt to improve road safety, the default speed limit on roads in Manchester will be reduced to 20mph, with further plans to lower the 40mph speed limits to 30mph by 2028.

A five-year plan

Manchester City Council’s new Active Travel five-year strategy aims to cut pollution, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce the number of accidents on the road.

A Walk Ride Greater Manchester spokesperson said: “In the event of a crash, the likelihood of death or serious injury is also greatly reduced” when speed limits are lowered

“All the smart cities understand that reducing the impact of vehicles, starting by slowing them down, is necessary to create a safer, healthier, fairer place for everyone.”

Council leader Bev Craig added: “We want Manchester to be one of the best places in the country to live and work. That means attractive, green, and connected neighbourhoods with safe streets which prioritise residents.”

Putting safety first

A 20mph speed limit isn’t the only action that’s being taken to improve road safety in Manchester.

The local authority is also committed to closing roads outside at least one school in every neighbourhood at drop-off and pick-up times to encourage more people to walk.

The council wants at least 70% of primary school pupils to walk or cycle to school by 2028 and 40% of secondary school pupils to do the same.

Walk Ride GM said: “Manchester at last seems to be grasping the opportunity for its citizens and setting out this new active travel strategy and investment plan. We welcome the focus on making travel to school safer for children and on providing cheap, quick, freely accessible transport alternatives in areas where people have lowest incomes and have the least, especially no access to a car.

“By making it safer and easier for people to get about on foot, bike or using a mobility aid – for example, to get to school or shops or the bus – we get safer, cleaner, fairer neighbourhoods. We look forward to seeing it delivered in full as quickly as possible – and the ambition increasing to include further measures.”

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